Let’s ride!

By Da Vinci – Rider

By Lichtenstein – After ‘The red horseman’ of Carra

By Degas – Two young men riding horse

By Géricault – Oriental Riders

By Da Vinci – Rearing horse

By Degas – Young hockey

By Pisanello – Two studies about a horse head

By Da Vinci – Another rider

By Dufy – Study

By Degas – Riding a horse at a gallop

By Da Vinci – Study of a horse

By Benozzo Gozzoli – A horse in a book made with a silver bodkin

By Da Vinci – Horse

By Gong Kai – Emaciated Horse



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2 responses to “Let’s ride!

  1. Thank you for this valuable research material, it is very inspiring and generous!


    • What a enormous joy, your acknowledgment! Just what you said is the goal of this blog and if that caused you desire to sketch or doodle something, it will be perfect.
      Thanks a lot and have a nice day.


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