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In the farm

By Rembrandt – Study of a pig

By Sisley – The goose keeper

By Jordaens – Goat

By Dürer – Owl

By Vayreda – Sheepherding

By Gainsborough – Goats

By Angrand – The hen frightened

By Goya – Standing donkey

By Dürer – Rabbit


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People working

By Millet – Wood gatherers returning from the forest

By Van Gogh – Diggers

By Polidoro da Caravaggio – Washerwomen

By Polidoro da Caravaggio – Studies of washerwomen

By Diego Rivera – Syracuse

By Berckheide – Man pulling a rope

By Romano – Fishers pulling nets

By Diego Rivera – Stone Mason

By Diziani – Saint Benedict building a convent

By Jouvenet – Man on a ladder

By Millet – Peasant watering her cow

By Ostade – Inside the kitchen, the crepemaker

By Van Gogh – Two women working in the field

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Sketched today by myself

Church corner


Saint A.M. Claret

Saint Jude Thaddeus

Saint Jude Thaddeus

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Some dogs

By Jan Weeninx – Dog

By Pisanello – Study of a palace and six dogs

By Poussin – The death of Dione

By Macke – Woman with lyra and dog

By Fragonard – The first riding lesson

On classical greek vessel – Actaeon assailed by Diana’s dogs

By Jordaens – Martyrdom of S. Apolonia

By Rembrandt – Woman with a child frightened by a dog

By Bosch – Beggar with a little dog

By Bellini – Condottiere and peasant

By Dürer – Knight with a dog

By Poussin – Venus and Adonis

By Macke – Fireplace and dog

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On letters too

By Manet – Letter for Mrs. Guillemet

By Manet – Letter for Henri Guérard

By Manet – Isabelle with hat of ribbons

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By Delacroix – Study of arab women

By Rivera – Carrier

By Gauguin – Young tahitian girl

By Marquet – Ghardaia

By Nonell – Two gipsies

By Rembrandt – The emperor Jahangir receiving an address

By Delacroix – Seated arab

By Rivera – Woman with fruit

By Goya – Alba Duchess and little Maria Luz

By Dürer – Katherine, the muslim woman

By Gauguin – Four tahitian

By Rembrandt – Four dervishes seated beneath a tree

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