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Boats, ships, sea, beach, shore and rivers

By Corot – Bateau sous les saules

By Da Vinci – Folding boat

By Bruegel the Elder – Marine landscape with a view of Antwerp

By Friedrich – Boat on the shore, moonrise

By Boudin – Several persons on a ship

By Rowlandson – Piscatorial expressions

By Constable – View on the river Severn at Worcester

By Feininger – Hafen II

By Manet – Boat on the shore

By Boudin – The big bathing. Trouville

By Lowry – Tanker entering the tyne

By Cozens – Unknown title

By Zorn – Stockholm

By myself – Old little boat

By myself – View of the harbour

By myself – View of the cable car over the harbour


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By Monet – Parliament in London at sunset

By Turner – Venice from the Giudecca island

By Jan Asselijn – Ponte Rotto in Rome

By Canaletto – Sketch of Venice

By Lorrain – View outside Piazza del Popolo in Rome

By Dufy – Saint Marc square in Venice

By Ingres – Look at the Villa Medici in Rome

By Henry Gyles – Stonehenge

By Christo – The Pont Neuf wrapped in Paris

By Piranesi – View of the Capitol in Rome

By Turner – Canterbury Cathedral

By Manet – Rue Mosnier in Paris

By myself – Venice, Saint George the Major Church

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The death

By Egger Lienz – Head of a dead

By Friedrich – Boy sleeping over a grave

By Da Vinci – Skull

By Feuerbach – A raven dead

By Friedrich – Pilgrimage at sunset

By Von Schwind – The death and the maiden

By Rembrandt – The death of the Virgin

By Friedrich – Vulture on a spade

By Goya – Carrying to the graveyard

By Da Vinci – Hanging

By Da Vinci – Skeletons

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By Lowry – The football match

By Ribera – Acrobats upon the rope

By Boccioni – Dynamism of a cyclist

By Dufy – Cortege of a wedding

By Cézanne – Summer scene on a riverside

Miniature of XVIIIth century – Krishna playing Chess against Radha

By Seurat – Study for The Parade

By Herr Goeli – from the 14th century Codex Manesse

By Tiepolo -Punches

By myself – Bowler

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By Holbein – Portrait of his sons

By Courbet – Portrait of his daughter Juliette as a sleeping child

By Schiele – Portrait of his father in law

By Picasso – The artist’s father

By Rubens – His son Nicholas

By Corinth – Portrait sketch of his father

By Rembrandt – The artist’s father

By Ingres – Portrait of the artist’s wife

By Vuillard – Portrait of the artist’s mother

By Sorolla – The artist’s daughter Maria, dancing the flamenco

By Schiele – Portrait of the artist’s wife Edith

By myself – My wife

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