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By Modersohn-Becker – Self-portrait

By Constable – Self-portrait

By Rossetti – Self-portrait

By Delacroix – Self-portrait

By Munch – Self-portrait with sketchbook

By Picabia – Self-portrait

By Balthus – Self-portrait

By Maratta – Self-portrait

By Egger-Lienz – Self-portrait

By Gauguin – Self-portrait

By Epstein – Self-portrait

By Friedrich – Self-portrait

By Feininger – Self-portrait

By Richmond – Self-portrait

By Cézanne – Self-portrait


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By Arcimboldo – Elephant

By Munch – Tiger

By Da Vinci – A bear walking

By Rembrandt – Elephant

By Sutherland – Armadillo

By Moore – Rhinoceros

By Ruskin – Head of a living lion

By Gaudier Brzeska – Wolf

By Matthew Paris – Elephant and keeper

By Rembrandt – Lion

By Friedrich – Owl flying

By Turner – Heron with a fish

By Gaudier Brzeska – Eagle

By Sharp – Buffalo

By Rembrandt – Elephant

By Munch – Flamingoes

By myself – Running greyhound

By myself – Running greyhound

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Dance, performance and theatre

By Munch – The dance of life

By Matisse – Study after Dance

By Kirchner – Farmers dance in house ‘In der lärchen’

By Lautrec – Henri Chocolate, dancing in Achille’s Bar

By Cézanne – The dance

By Degas – Ballet dancer, seen from behind

By Matisse – A study for ‘The Dance’

By Goya – Dancing

By Maclise – Dancing fairies on a lake

By Hokusai – Men and women dancing

By Gauguin – Breton girls dancing

By Parmigianino – Dancing cupid

By Guardi – The masked ball

By Degas – The three russian dancing girls

By Renoir – Country dance

By Matisse – A study for ‘The Dance’


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Plants, trees, botanical and still life

By Kokoschka – Fig tree

By Balthus – Still life with quince and pear

By Bloemaert – Study of cabbages, squash and dianthus

By Da Vinci – Spray of blackberry

By Giacometti – Still life

By Guercino – Tree

By Morandi – Flowers ‘Zinnia’

By Fragonard – Italian garden with cypresses

By Th. Rousseau – Tree

By Dürer – Large piece of turf

By Da Vinci – Sedge

By Monet – Tree trunks at ‘La mare au clerc’

By Manet – Branch of iris

By Balthus – Study of a tree

By Da Vinci – Birchs

By myself – Thorny branches

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Movies sketch

‘Dersu Uzala’, Akira Kurosawa’s film

Sketch by Captain Vladimir Arseniev depicting the shelter built and thought by Dersu Uzala in the Siberian Taiga.

Captain Vladimir: ‘then I understood what his genius made and saved me’

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War, battles, political, fights and violence

By Truong Hieu – Herbicide and napalm bombing at Vietnam war

By Da Vinci – Machine for storming walls

By Guercino – Study of warrior for ‘Hersilia separating Romulus and Tatius’

By Moore – Shelter

By Quintanilla – Figure holding a rifle in spanish civil war

By Titian – Helmet

By Egger-Lienz – Soldiers

By Kuniyoshi – Benkei holding a halberd

By Troppa – Hercules fighting a dragon with another study of Hercules slaying Cacus

By Ardizzone – Shelterers in a crypt

By Da Vinci – Fighters

By Moore – Shelterers

By Courtois – Battle

By Gros – Napoleon at Eylau

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