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By Feininger – Beer drinker at ‘Cafe du Dome’

By Picasso – The breakfasts

By Kuniyoshi – Three anglers at Teppozu in Japan

By Grosz – Playing cards of the Apaches. When it was all over

By Arcimboldo – Design of a sledge

By Bonnard – In the bathtub

By Pascin – Cafe scene

By Titian – Lain woman

By Avery – Sally phone call

By Sickert – Study for ‘The actress’

By Whistler – The three girls

By Botero – The hunter

By Warhol – Reds-Pete Rose I ‘Charlie Hustle’

By Matisse – Two women

By Klee – Masked

A page of persian Rumi’s poet (Shams-I-Tabrïzï)


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Everything landscapes

By Corot – Five landscapes

By Millet – Landscape near Vichy

By Pissarro – Landscape in Eragny sur Epte

By Lowry – The Terrace Peel Park Salford

By Da Vinci – Arno riverside landscape

By Van Gogh – Rocky ground at Montmajour

By Titian – Landscape with fortified city

By Constable – Borrowdale Morning

By Avery – From Ball Mountain

By Rembrandt – Landscape near to St. Anthonispoort

By Constable – Cottages and road in East Bergholt

By Jongkind – The Blue Mountain

By Palmer – A path through a cornfield

By Vuillard – Kitchen garden at Clayes

By Lowry – Middlesbrough Town Hall

By Corot – Landscape

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By Raphael – ‘Feed my lambs, feed my sheep’. The words of the risen Jesus to Peter

By Murillo – Christ carrying the cross

By Da Vinci – Studies for ‘The Last Supper’

By Fabritius – Christ among the doctors

By Gauguin – Sketch for ‘The Yellow Christ’

By Rembrandt – Cure of the mother in law of Simon Peter

By Cambiaso – The baptism of Christ

By Van Dyck – The ascent to Calvary

By Brueghel the Old – Landscape with the temptation of Christ

By Zoppo – The Christ grave

By Raphael – Deposition

By Bellini – Christ dead held by devout women

By a Florentine Master of 14th Century – The arrest of Christ

By Carracci, Agostino -Study to the Christ figure

By Watteau, after Bassano – The deposition

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Horse’s world

By Munch – Horse on construction site

By Picasso – Pulling the killed horse

By Avercamp – A sleigh accident on the ice

By Boccioni – Horses and figures in a landscape

By Da Vinci – Horse and rider

By Manet – Horses, carts and boats

By Dufy – Racing horses

By Degas – Horses

By Van Gogh – Carriage

By Magritte – Sketches with horses

By Van de Velde – Man on horseback conversing with a woman

By Morisot – A horse and carriage on a woodland road

By Delacroix – Sheet with studies with a rider and a landscape

By Gainsborough – A cart passing along a winding road

By Da Vinci – Study with horses

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By Pascin – A street in Cuba

By Giacometti – Paris

By Dufy – London Westminster Bridge and the Parliament

By Canaletto – The Lido and Saint Helen Isle

By Signac – La place de la Grande Fontaine à Saint Paul de Vence

By Dufy – Hotel room at Aix les Bains

By Buffet – The house of the bend at Viroflay

By Robert, Hubert – The temple of the Sybil

By Turner – View of Jerusalem

By Guardi – The ‘Salute’ at Venice

By Gaudi – Colonia Güell church. Study for the nave

By Panini – Spanish steps in Rome

By Signac – View of the Seine

By Cox – A train on a viaduct

By myself – Siena

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