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War, battles, political, fights and violence

By Buffet – War’s horror. Kneeling woman

By Kahlo, Frida – Statue of Liberty

By Goya – Chained prisoner

By Picasso – Guernika’s sketch n. 38 Woman’s crying head

By Allori – Hand holding a sword

By Delacroix – Studies of a young greek soldier

By Kurosawa – Samurai’s helmet (‘Dreams’)

By Arcimboldo – Costume drawing for a knight on horseback

By Seurat – Soldier fencing, and another reclining

By Da Vinci – The casting of giant cannon

By Matsedonsky, Nikolay – Wartime in Orel (Russia)

By Manet – Bullfighting

By Boucher – Three studies of a roman soldier

Old Testament miniatures – Saul Slaying Nahash and the Ammonites (half upper detail)

By Signorelli – Naked men fighting

By Carrà – Unknown title

By Le Brun – Head of a persian soldier

By Picasso – Guernika’s composition study. May 8th 1937


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Dance, performance and theatre

By Sargent – Flamenco and Jaleo, dance

By Matisse – Study to ‘The Dance’

By Degas – Russian dancer

By Kunisada – Sumi Brush Drawing in Preparation of a Kabuki Scene

By Boccioni – Moving Figure

By Gillot – Scene from Don Juan

By Gauguin- Study for ‘Breton Girls Dancing’

By Seurat – Pierrot and Columbine

By Ye Qianyu – Indian dancing

By Picasso – Figures

By Guttuso – Sketch to Stravinsky’s ‘The rite of spring’

By Degas – Four studies of a ballerina

By Guys – At the Theater

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Tourist and transport

By Delacroix – Square in Seville

By T. F. Simon -Temple of Sounion in Greece

By Hildebrandt – Colossi of Memnon with Thebes in the Background

By Lowry – Road with carriage

By Signac – St Tropez, harbour

By Severini – The train at the city

By Tasselli da Lugo – Old Saint Peter church in Rome

By Calder – Braniff Aircraft

By Dufy – View of Deauville

By Cross, Henri-Edmond – Lavandou Beach

By Canaletto – Saint Mark’s square

By Grave – City facades of the Rotterdam and Schiedam Gates in Delft

By Géricault – View of Montmartre

By Marquet – Palms in Algeria

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By Rubens – Nicolaas Rubens

By T. F. Simon – Eva, the artist’s daughter

By Egger Lienz – The mother Maria Trojer

By Dürer – His wife Agnes

By Munch – Munch and Sophie in the garden

By Seurat – The artist’s mother

By Fragonard – Artist’s father

By Sisley – The artist’s son, Pierre

By Rivera – Family

By Millet – Emélie Millet, the artist’s sister with cat

By Friedrich – His sister Catherine

By Ingres – Madam Ingres, born Madeleine

By Boccioni – Study for Homage to the Mother

By Manet – Portrait of his faher Auguste

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By Bernini – Sketch for the Fountain of Four Rivers

By Hoffmann – Synagogue in Galizien

By Jones, Inigo – Studies of windows with arch stones, after Serlio

By Barragan – Lomas Verdes, Mexico City

By Boullée – Project of a metropolitan church

By Gaudí – Design for a pier

By Ito – Sketch of gate of Shrine Shinobazu Bentendo Tenryumon

By Quarenghi – Design of the Great Theatre in St Petersburg. Vertical Section

By Piranesi – Villa of Hadrian. Octagonal room in the Small Baths

By Saarinen – David Ingalls Rink perspective study

By Peruzzi – Scheme for St. Peter in Rome

By Cameron – Design for a Staircase in the Cold Baths at Tsarskoye Selo

By Della Francesca – ‘De Prospectiva Pingendi’

By Guimard – Project of a window for the office of castle Beranger

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By Cantarini – Jupiter hurling a thunderbolt

By Guercino – Sisyphus

By Rubens – Hero and Leander

By Renoir – Study of women to ‘The judgement of Paris’

By Botticelli – Minerva

By Michelangelo – Tityos

By Bellini’s Atelier – Vulcan builds a close around Venus Mountain

By Carracci – Polyphemus

By Baglione – The fall of Icarus

By Natoire – Thalia, muse of poetry

By Lely – Study of Andromeda

By Calandrucci – Aurora abducting Cephalus

By Troppa – Mercury and Argos

By Raphael – Mercury and Psyche

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