By Bernini – Sketch for the Fountain of Four Rivers

By Hoffmann – Synagogue in Galizien

By Jones, Inigo – Studies of windows with arch stones, after Serlio

By Barragan – Lomas Verdes, Mexico City

By Boullée – Project of a metropolitan church

By Gaudí – Design for a pier

By Ito – Sketch of gate of Shrine Shinobazu Bentendo Tenryumon

By Quarenghi – Design of the Great Theatre in St Petersburg. Vertical Section

By Piranesi – Villa of Hadrian. Octagonal room in the Small Baths

By Saarinen – David Ingalls Rink perspective study

By Peruzzi – Scheme for St. Peter in Rome

By Cameron – Design for a Staircase in the Cold Baths at Tsarskoye Selo

By Della Francesca – ‘De Prospectiva Pingendi’

By Guimard – Project of a window for the office of castle Beranger

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