Buildings, streets and cities

By Signac – Rodez (France)

By Seurat – Approach to the Bridge at Courbevoie

By Kokoschka – Unknown title

By Feininger – Viaduct near Meudon (Paris) with two trains

By Cox, David – Calais. Hôtel de Guise

By Lowry – The river Irwell

By Heemskerck – Construction of the New St Peter’s in Rome

By Sickert – Dieppe, Study No. 2; Facade of St Jacques

By Girtin – Glasgow Looking along High Street towards the Cathedral

By Lorrain – The ‘Palazzo Albani’ in Rome

By Ruskin – The North-West Angle of the Facade of St Mark’s, Venice

By Nash, Paul – London. Winter scene.

By Bartolomeo, Fra – Monastery on the Slope of a Rocky Hill

By Dürer- The Wire-drawing Mill

By Premazzi – Homestead. Two sketches

By Van Gogh – Thatched roofs

By Piranesi – Architectural Fantasy

By De Bisschop – The Oostpoort (East Gate) at Delft

By Tiepolo – Group of houses

By myself – Football Club Barcelona Stadium. View from a hill


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