Religious mixed

By T.F. Simon – Buddhist temple, Ceylon

By Delacroix – Monk at prayer

By Bevan – Breton women outside a church

By Vernet, Horace – Arab group attending

By Bantzer, Carl – Communion scene

By Da Cortona – Woman holding a Papal crown

By Manet – Study for an italian fresco

By Feininger – Study for Jesuits

By David – Pope Pius VII nude

By Yusuf, Muhammad – Dervish holding pray beads (Isfahan School Iran)

By Gérôme – Arab standing in prayer

By Botticelli – Drawing to ‘The Dante’s Inferno’

By Dürer – Mass

By Von Schwind – Friar praying at countryside

Unknown authorship – Debris of palaces and monks procession in Rome

By Castiglione Grechetto – Women and children praying before a grave

By Botticelli – Paradise, Canto XXX

By Bernini – Study of tabernacle

By Cranach, Lucas The Elder – Law and Gospel

By Chagall – The Mikveh

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