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Saints’ day. Jerome

By Raphael – Saint Jerome with a view of Perugia

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Saints’ day. Raphael

Perugino, Pietro – Raphael the archangel, with Tobias

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Costume, fashion and drapery

By Warhol – Beauty products sketched (Untitled)

By Watteau – Young girl wearing a hat

By Kusama, Yayoi – Unknown title

By Matisse – Girl with a tiara

By Eisen – Fashionable color blue

By Gaudier-Brzeska – A fashionable hat

By Boltraffio – Study of drapery

By Archipenko – Woman with umbrella

By Watteau – Women raising arms and pulling up her stocking

By Popova, Liuvob – Costume design

By Puvis de Chavannes – Study of drapery and foot of a kneeling figure

By Malevich – Strong man. Costume design for ‘Victory on Sun’

By Longhi – Standing woman holding a muff

By Grosz – ‘Yellow Wool Jacket’

By Seurat – The Black Bow

By Leger – Woman’s costume to ‘The Creation of the World’

By Ingres – Garb study

By Brun, Le – Man riding an elephant and draped woman

By Matisse – Woman with a hood portrait

By Watteau – Busty woman

By Malevich – Top Hat Society

By Gainsborough – Study of a woman facing right

By Bartolomeo, Fra – Drapery of two kneeling figures

By Dürer – Nuremberg and Venetian Women

By Puvis de Chavannes – Draped woman kneeling

By Grünewald – Unfinished study of a woman with long dress

By Da Vinci – Drawing of a fancy dress costume

By Degas – Project for portraits in a frieze

By Ingres – Nike, drapery to the goddess

By Ghirlandaio – Study of garments

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Music players

By Degas – Studies for music-hall singers

By Natoire – Bacchante with tambourin

By Kitaj R.B.- Pianist

By Bronzino – Seated nude youth playing panpipes

By Simon, Juste – Egyptian musician, after a Cordier’s sculpture

By Leighton – A cymbal player. A study for the musician in the painting ‘Salome dancing’

By Magritte – Violinist (The first day)

By Burne Jones – Two studies of a sitting girl playing a zither

By Callot – Two dwarfs playing the mandolin and the flute

By Fantin Latour – A Schumann’s piece

By Simon, T. F. – Cither player

By Bordone (Attributed) – The cello player

By Seurat – Eden concert , robust singer

By Longhi – Lute player

By Matisse – The piano player (Henriette)

By Rembrandt – Four musicians with wind instruments

By Erhard, Christoph – Man playing the spinet

By Poncet, J. B.- Young player of flute

By Friedrich – The harp player

By Zorn – Violinist

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By Munch – Consolation

By Goya – Angry mad (‘Loco furioso’)

By Ter Borch – Laughing (Self-portrait)

By Van Gogh – Sorrow

By Friedrich – Ache

By Picasso – Weeping woman

By Bruegel, the Elder – Prudence

By Lichtenstein – ‘I know how you must feel, Brad’

By Kubin – Engagement

By Boccioni – The Farewells (After states of mind)

By Zorn – Delight

By Fantin Latour – ‘Omnia Vanitas’ (naked woman in front of shelving)

By Kahlo, Frida – Abstracted

By Millet – ‘Love going away’

By Sickert – Desperation (detail)

By Michelangelo – Condemned soul

By Beuys – Intelligence

By Munch – Childhood reminiscence. (Outside the gate)

By Goya – Help

By Grünewald – Woman imploring

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By Degas – Self-portrait

By Dalí – Self-portrait fused with Federico García Lorca head’s profile

By Kahlo, Frida – Self-portrait drawing with phases

By Poussin – Self-portrait with beret

By Beardsley – Self-portrait with a bow tie

By Gauguin – Self-portrait at his drawing table in Tahiti (‘Ja Orana Ritou’)

By Matisse – Self-portrait

By Dürer – Self-portrait arousing the doubt of St. Thomas

By Munch – Self-portrait with lyre

By Fuseli – Self-portrait seating with crossed legs beside anatomical sketches

By Rembrandt – Self-portrait

By Severini – Self-portrait with a pipe and panama hat

By Grünewald – Self-portrait

By Schulz, Bruno – Self-portrait

By Arcimboldo – Self-portrait in curlers of paper

By Fantin Latour – Self-portrait

By Dürer- Self-portrait with a bandage

By Zorn- Self-portrait holding a pallet by the model

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By Jacobus J. P. Oud – Café de Unie

By Michelucci, Giovanni – Project to The Immaculate Church

By Gaudi – Auditorium

By Mackintosh, Charles R. – Castle at Holy Island in Northumberland

By Suetin, Nikolái – Design for a chair

By Guimard – View of the concert hall ‘Humbert de Romans’

By Paxton, Joseph – Crystal Palace proposal end elevation (cross-section)

By Di Giorgio Martini – Picture from the treatise about architecture

By Santelia, Antonio – The new city

By Ghirlandaio – Codex Escurialensis

By Michelangelo – Study for the Porta Pia (a gate in the Aurelian Walls of Rome)

By Behrens – Project for an evangelical church

By Cardi – Duomo’s cupola in Florence

By Palladio – Plan for the Olympic Theater of Vicenza

By Neyelov, Ilya – Design of a Pagoda

Anonymous – Project for a fountain

By Gonzaga, Pietro – Design of the decoration for the St Nicholas Gate in the Moscow Kremlin on the Coronation of Alexander I

By Sandrini – Shared ceiling

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