By Delacroix – Journey’s diary of Morocco

By Gauguin – Head of a breton young countrywoman

By Matisse – Laughing eskimo

By Rubens – Naked african fisherman

By G.T. Vigne – Peasants of Little Tibet – Tibetan coolies resting themselves near Jiba

By Gauguin – The Divine Couple. The God Taaroa and one of his wifes

By Delacroix – Jewish bride

By Epstein – Naked negress

By Nolde – Women in New Guinea

By Gauguin – Head of a woman

By Bonnard – Oriental scene’ sketch

By Delacroix – Three albanian men and woman with typical costume

By G. T. Vigne – Muzaffarabad, Baramula Pass, Kashmir

By Rivera – Unknown title possibly depicting a kind of gaucho

By Dürer – Three Orientals

By T. F. Simon – Arab vendor

By Bellini – Study of a turkish woman

By Gauguin – Tahitians

By Fragonard – The Pasha

By Delacroix – The arabs of Oran

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