By Jacobus J. P. Oud – Café de Unie

By Michelucci, Giovanni – Project to The Immaculate Church

By Gaudi – Auditorium

By Mackintosh, Charles R. – Castle at Holy Island in Northumberland

By Suetin, Nikolái – Design for a chair

By Guimard – View of the concert hall ‘Humbert de Romans’

By Paxton, Joseph – Crystal Palace proposal end elevation (cross-section)

By Di Giorgio Martini – Picture from the treatise about architecture

By Santelia, Antonio – The new city

By Ghirlandaio – Codex Escurialensis

By Michelangelo – Study for the Porta Pia (a gate in the Aurelian Walls of Rome)

By Behrens – Project for an evangelical church

By Cardi – Duomo’s cupola in Florence

By Palladio – Plan for the Olympic Theater of Vicenza

By Neyelov, Ilya – Design of a Pagoda

Anonymous – Project for a fountain

By Gonzaga, Pietro – Design of the decoration for the St Nicholas Gate in the Moscow Kremlin on the Coronation of Alexander I

By Sandrini – Shared ceiling

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