By Degas – Self-portrait

By Dalí – Self-portrait fused with Federico García Lorca head’s profile

By Kahlo, Frida – Self-portrait drawing with phases

By Poussin – Self-portrait with beret

By Beardsley – Self-portrait with a bow tie

By Gauguin – Self-portrait at his drawing table in Tahiti (‘Ja Orana Ritou’)

By Matisse – Self-portrait

By Dürer – Self-portrait arousing the doubt of St. Thomas

By Munch – Self-portrait with lyre

By Fuseli – Self-portrait seating with crossed legs beside anatomical sketches

By Rembrandt – Self-portrait

By Severini – Self-portrait with a pipe and panama hat

By Grünewald – Self-portrait

By Schulz, Bruno – Self-portrait

By Arcimboldo – Self-portrait in curlers of paper

By Fantin Latour – Self-portrait

By Dürer- Self-portrait with a bandage

By Zorn- Self-portrait holding a pallet by the model


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4 responses to “Self-portrait

  1. “This selfportraits are so beautiful! 😁🦋❤🌺 I love them all.
    Take care and stay safe and healthy! 🙂
    Greetings from the wonderful Rhine-Highlands /.Germany……”

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