Costume, fashion and drapery

By Warhol – Beauty products sketched (Untitled)

By Watteau – Young girl wearing a hat

By Kusama, Yayoi – Unknown title

By Matisse – Girl with a tiara

By Eisen – Fashionable color blue

By Gaudier-Brzeska – A fashionable hat

By Boltraffio – Study of drapery

By Archipenko – Woman with umbrella

By Watteau – Women raising arms and pulling up her stocking

By Popova, Liuvob – Costume design

By Puvis de Chavannes – Study of drapery and foot of a kneeling figure

By Malevich – Strong man. Costume design for ‘Victory on Sun’

By Longhi – Standing woman holding a muff

By Grosz – ‘Yellow Wool Jacket’

By Seurat – The Black Bow

By Leger – Woman’s costume to ‘The Creation of the World’

By Ingres – Garb study

By Brun, Le – Man riding an elephant and draped woman

By Matisse – Woman with a hood portrait

By Watteau – Busty woman

By Malevich – Top Hat Society

By Gainsborough – Study of a woman facing right

By Bartolomeo, Fra – Drapery of two kneeling figures

By Dürer – Nuremberg and Venetian Women

By Puvis de Chavannes – Draped woman kneeling

By Grünewald – Unfinished study of a woman with long dress

By Da Vinci – Drawing of a fancy dress costume

By Degas – Project for portraits in a frieze

By Ingres – Nike, drapery to the goddess

By Ghirlandaio – Study of garments

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