Nocturne and fancying

By Feininger – Street in the nightfall

By Rembrandt – Society by candlelight

By Dürer – Six pillows

By T.F. Simon – In the night at Venice

By Hopper – Night and shadows

By Heckel – Sleeper

By Miró – The red moon composition

By Redon – Eye-globe

By Fantin Latour – Spring night

By Rubens – The night (after Michelangelo)

By Palmer, Samuel – The Harvest Moon (Drawing for ‘A Pastoral Scene’)

By Fragonard – My nightshirt, there’s trouble brewing

By Dalí -Illustrations to the collection of poems

By Dong Yuan – The night and the riverbank

By Fantin Latour – Two figures indicating a lying man by a tree and flying figure

By Greuze – Head of a woman in a night cap

By Grosz – Evening

By Baldung Grien – Witches

By Beuys – Trance in the house of the Shaman

By Redon – The torch


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