Plants, trees, botanical and still life

By Cézanne – The poplar

By Baishi, Qi – Platter with cherries

By Friedrich -Landscape with two poplars

By Morandi – Still life with box

By Monet – Water lilies

By G. T. Vigne – Plane Tree (Chenar) Shemaroon near Tehran Persia

By Lorrain – Study of an oak

By Pinazo – Flagon with bluebells

By Cozens, Alexander – A tree

By Dalí – Ship and fruits floating

By Matisse – Bouquet with hellebores

By Dufy – Composition, pumpkins, wheat and birds

By Gris – Coffee mill

By Van Gogh – Pollard birches

By Barceló – Asparagus

By Hiroshige – Irises at Horikiri

By Hiroshige – Irises at Horikiri

By Léger – Trees

By Da Vinci – Lily

By Totoya Hokkei – Still life with smoking set and clothes, decorated with white rabbit

By Buffet -Landscape in Provence

By Nolde – Farmer’s cactus

By Bonnard – Sketch to ‘The bowl of milk’

By Matisse – Still life

By Lorrain – Boulder and trees

By Constable – Firs in Hampstead

By Cox, David – Still life

By Quost, Ernest – Rhododendrons

By Mackintosh – Ixias

By Poussin -Two birches

By Rivera – The desert

By Cézanne – Still life with pears and apples, covered blue jar, and a bottle of wine

By Matisse – Magnolia

By Constable – Elms at Flatford

By myself – Curry bundle

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