Sketchers too

By Fellini, Federico – To ‘Amarcord’ and ‘La Città delle donne’

By Unamuno, Miguel de – Lonely fields of Castilla (Spain)

By Hugo, Victor – Ship in tempestuous sea

By Kafka, Franz – The thinker

By Dylan, Bob – Train tracks

By Carroll, Lewis – Edith Blakemore

By Quinn, Anthony – Aliyah

By Ali, Muhammad (Cassius Clay) – Let My People Go

By Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von – Landscape for Clouds Game

By Hugo, Victor – Bordeaux. The belfry of St. Michael

By Unamuno, Miguel de – The ‘Potro’. Device of torture

By Lennon, John – Watch the holes, Yoko

By Stanislavski, Konstantin – Othello (Production plan sketches)

By Lagerfeld, Karl – Best wishes for 1985

By Cocteau, Jean – The bride

By Paul McCartney – Original drawing

By García Lorca, Federico – Drawing to illustrate one of his own poems

By Fellini – Self-portrait with Ginger and Fred

By Grass, Günter – Unknown title

By Dylan, Bob – Unknown title

By Kafka, Franz – Three runners

By Mandela, Nelson – Cell

By Proust, Marcel – Shadow of Young Girls in Bloom

By Quinn, Anthony – Sketch for a bronze

By Hugo, Victor – Pamplona. The big tower

By Unamuno, Miguel de – Self-portrait

By Scott, Ridley – Sketch to Robin Hood

By Phil Collins – Sketch

By Welles, Orson – To ‘Macbeth’

By Baudelaire, Charles – Jeanne Duval

By Thomas, Dylan – A self-caricature in pencil

By Satie, Erik – M. Sadi

By Falk, Peter – Girl in blue blouse

By Rimbaud, Arthur – Drawing letter to Delahaye

By Lynch, David to ‘Eraserhead’

By Hugo, Victor – Countrywoman


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2 responses to “Sketchers too

  1. Entrada peculiar, curiosa pero muy interesante.
    Destaco a By Lagerfeld, Karl – Best wishes for 1985
    By Fellini – Self-portrait with Ginger and Fred
    By Mandela, Nelson – Cell
    By Hugo, Victor – Countrywoman
    sin menospreciar a las restantes.


    • Me alegro por tu comentario tan acertado. Eso quiere decir que cualquiera de esas cuatro personalidades de tan diferentes actividades, que has nombrado, es capaz de bosquejar como sólo él mismo puede hacer. Si tenemos nuestra propia caligrafía ¿porqué no íbamos a tener nuestro propio estilo de representar?

      I’m glad for your comment so successful. That means that any of these four personalities from different activities, you’ve named, is capable of sketching as only he can do. If we have our own calligraphy why would not we have our own style to doodle?


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