Female nudes

By Picasso – Lying down unclothed woman

By Cox, Kenyon – Unknown title

By Christo Wrapped woman project

By Matisse – Woman with bared breasts

By Dix – ‘Lola’

By Rodin – Nude study

By Magritte – The rape

By Bonnard – Nude in the bath

By Matisse – Study of nude

By Archipenko – Nude female figure shown from the back

By Renoir – Bathers drying themselves

By Kirchner – Nude on the dunes

By Dufy – Nude seated

By Degas – The bath

By Fantin Latour – Naked woman, in the edge of a bed, holding his shirt

By Modigliani – Caryatid

By Pontormo – The three Graces

By Bacon – Turning figure

By Sickert – Nude telephoning

By Manet -Olympia study

By Gaudier-Brzeska – Female nude standing

By Zorn – Unknown title

By Bonnard – Unknown title

By Dix -Stall session with crossed arms

By Picasso – Two nudes and bed

By Rodin – The ‘Faun-woman’

By Ingres – Study for The Big Odalisque

By Moore – Half-Figure

By Archipenko – Untitled study

By Matisse – Nude on a hammock

By Dix – Nude study

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