Hands, arms, legs and feets

By Dürer – Feet of a kneeling man

By Barocci – Study of a bent right arm

By Tàpies – Outline of feet

By Da Vinci Study of a hand

By Rubens – Studies of arms and hands

By Schiele – Standing boy with hands on chest

By Michelangelo – Studies of a figure. Detail of legs and feet

By Pontormo – Study of legs and feet

By Greuze – Study of a female arm dropped down

By Raphael – Study of figures with a detailed foot for ‘The Disputa’

By Kalho, Frida – The hand

By Grünewald – Study of a forearm

By Degas – Woman touching her arm

By Seurat – Soldier learning and sketches of hands and heads

By Anonymous Master – Studies of the left foot

By Dürer – Measurement and calculation of a hand

By Da Vinci – Comparative anatomy of the legs of a man and a dog

By Barocci – Feet and hands sheet

By Poynter, E. J. – Man running

By Gozzoli, Benozzo – Five studies of a foot

By Bartolomeo, Fra – Two men with sword and book and sketches of feet

By Raphael – Study for ‘The Massacre of the Innocents’

By Rubens -Anatomical studies of forearms

By Holbein – Studies of three hands

By Puvis de Chavannes – Studies of back, arms and drapery of a woman

By Petrov-Vodkin, Kuzma S. – Hand

By Barocci – Studies for ‘The Visitation’

By Fuseli – Arm, hand and three female heads

By Da Vinci – Anatomical studies. Larynx and leg

By Anonymous Master – Studies of left and right hands

By Ingres – Seated female nude holding a flower

By Barocci – Study for the right arm of St. Joseph

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