By Gericault – The kiss

By Picasso – Lovers

By Klimt – Pregnant woman with man

By Schulz, Bruno – Little man watching a big woman

By Longhi – Wine-pourer woman with a young man

By Goya – Two embraced women

By Rowlandson – The lover kissing a hand

By Eisen – After drinking sake

By Bramer – The curious ones or the voyeurs

By Munch – The kiss

By Pinazo – Sketch to ‘Cupid Initiating’

By Fuseli – Günther and Brunhilde

By Daumier – Two men

By Anonymous author of 17th century, in a work of Hoefnagel, signing and simulating Leonardo – A young caresses an old woman

By Schulz, Bruno – Seated woman and two men close her feet and legs

By Van Gogh – Naked man and woman

By Longhi – Lady fanning a lying gentleman

By Eisen – Loving by Mt. Fuji

By Seurat – The couple

By Goya – You’ll see later (Después lo veras)

By Puvis de Chavannes – Two naked men carrying palm leafs

By Steinlen – The love to the Green

By Lautrec – Naked couple

By Fragonard – Cupid sacrificing his wings for the delight of the first kiss

By Picasso – Minotaur and woman

By Rowlandson – Nymphs calling Love

By Schad – Narcissus

By Heckel – Awaiting the maid

By Rego, Paula – Small rape

By Klimt – Study for The Water Snakes

By Schulz, Bruno – Springtimes

By Redon – Two figures

By Delaunay, Sonia – Two figures (Paravant. France)

By myself – Naked male and female models posing together

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