Death and illness

By Cézanne – The sepulture diggers

By Carracci – The hanged

By Munch – Madonna in the churchyard

By Titian – The murder

By David – Head of the dead of Marat

By Goya – The executed

By Grosz – Ghosts

By Anonymous on a lekythos pot from Oropos (Greece). 5th century BC.- Woman seated on her vault

By Pontormo – Group of the dead

By Kahlo, Frida -The accident

By John, Gwen – A nun on her deathbed

By Kubin – Commongrave

By Epstein – Study for the tomb of Oscar Wilde

By Tiepolo – Opening the tomb

Unknown authorship – The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots

By Boccioni – Study for mourning

By Munch – Karen Bjølstad after bronchitis

By Cézanne – Skull on a table

By Von Menzel, Adolph – The jewish cemetery in Prague

By David – Drawing of pestiferous

By Hogarth, William – A death attack

By Nemchinovka – Design of the stone tablet for Malevich

By Cozens, Alexander – Dead trees in a landscape

By Rastrelli – Design of a funeral decoration of the Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral on the day of Peter I’s Burial

By Clerisseau – Interior of a sepulchral chamber near Pozzuoli

By Gainsborough – Wooded landscape with peasant reading tombstone, rustic lovers and ruined church

By Manet – The convalescent

By Arp, Jean – Danger of death

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