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Saint’s day. Andrew

By Rubens – St. Andrew


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War, battles, political, fights and violence

By Picasso – Hand of warrior holding a broken sword

By Goya – A drawing for the Disasters of War

By Cézanne – Scene of violence

By Orsi, Lelio – A crossbowman

By Vivant Denon – Severed head, said to be that of Maximilien-François-Marie-Isidore de Robespierre, guillotined

By Picasso – Head of a horse. Guernica sketch 8

By Ribera – Woman holding an arrow

By Da Vinci – Engine to kill

By Géricault – The retreat from Russia

By Chagall – About war (1915)

By Parrocel – Head of a soldier

By Grosz – Manifest of Grosz

By Daumier – The thieves and the ass

By Pollaiolo – A Francis Sforza victory

By Dürer – Battle of seagod (after Mantegna)

By Picasso – Man-Bull. (Guernica sketch 26)

By Kustodiev – Petrograd in 1920

By Da Vinci – Dragon and a lion fighting

By Le Brun – Detail of a combat scene

By Uccello – Soldier on rearing horse

By Bauer – Soldiers using prismatics

By Wilkie, David – An incident during the visit of George IV to Edinburgh

By Tintoretto – Study for an archer of the Battle of Zara

By Gutiérrez Solana, José – Picking up the dead (Spanish civil war)

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Musketeer

By Picasso – Composition study with bull, horse and figures. Guernica sketch 6

By Da Vinci – Mortars bombarding a fortress

By Dürer – Abduction on horseback

By Seurat – Soldiers, one mending his linen

By Grosz – Toads of property

By Moore – Refuge

By Planas – Ali Bey al-Abbasi (Domingo Badía Leblich) in the desert (drawing for ‘The Catalan Glories’)

By Farinati, Paolo – The jewish forces vanquishing the supporters of Haman

By Watteau – Sheet with studies of a young woman and four reclining soldiers

By Picasso – Bullfighting scene

By Pisanello – Bowcase and quiver of arrows

By Parrocel – Cavaliers falling into the water after the collapse of a drawbridge

By Nash, Paul – The Messerschmidt (The Swallow)

By Raphael – A group of four warriors

By Uccello, Paolo – Six heads of falcon and three warriors in to two sheets

By Picasso – ‘War and peace’

By Da Vinci – Designs for a catapult

By Rubens – Studies of horses and figures some soldiers

By Del Vaga – Combats of the amazons

By Guercino – Two warriors

By Anonymous – Troop of horsemen out of a city

By Allan, David – Mary Queen of Scots lead through the streets of Edinburgh after the Battle of Carberry Hill

By Delacroix – Lion and tiger fighting

By Picasso – The Tauromachia

By Géricault – Bonaparte march in the desert

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Old people

By Goya – Still I learn

By Le Nain – Seated old woman with a little girl

By Klimt – Sitting old woman in profile

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Old woman carrying fagots

By Anguissola – Old woman studying the alphabet with a laughing girl

By Cesari – The head of a bearded man wearing a turban

By Bruegel, the Elder – Two old men

By Bloemaert – Study of the head of a bearded man

By Rembrandt – Old man with his arms extended

By Da Vinci – Seated old man

By Kustodiev – Old man wearing traditional clothes

By Von Menzel, Adolph – Study of a nude

By Moore – Old women wearing hats

By Campi – Studies of an old woman’s face and a leg

By Ghirlandaio, Domenico – Bust of an oldish man, in profile to right

By Altdorfer, Albrecht – Stepping man

By Rubens – Two studies of an elderly man’s head

By Kubin – The great grandmother

By Simberg, Hugo – Auntie in wheelchair

By Piazzetta – Old man’s head

By Jordaens – Head of an elderly man

By Maes – Old woman asleep

By De Kooning – Bearded man

By Dürer – Study of a man aged

By Piot, René – The naked, bearded man, his head bent forward, face, arms folded

By Ricci – Head of an old man

By Gérôme – Standing old man with a basket and a staff

By David, Gerard – Portrait of an old woman

By Boucher – Tilted head study of an old man down to the right

By Klimt – Head of an old woman

By Da Vinci – Head of an old man

Anonymous – Head of a bearded old man, turned to the left

By Schulz, Bruno – Beside the old father in the sanatorium

By Bandinelli, Baccio – Head of an old man

By Goya – Old woman

By myself – Two old women looking a pond in a park

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Architecture, furniture, and decoration

By Le Corbusier – Gymnasium in Baghdad (Iraq)

By Hara, Hiroshi – Mid-Air City sketch, Umeda Sky Building, Kita-ku, Osaka

By Malevich – Suprematism space

By Guimard – Concert hall Humbert of Romans in Paris

By Mucha – Study for ornaments

By Michelangelo – Drawings for the staircase hall of the Laurentian Library, Florence

By Candela, Félix – Umbrella covering in St. Jerome

By Von Menzel, Adolph – Staircase in the Bishop’s Palace of Nysa

By Borromini – Drawings for the facade of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Rome

By Christo – The Gates

By Fischer Von Erlach – Facade of Garden Pavilion

By Lloyd Wright – Initial drawings for the Greek Orthodox Church in Wuawatosa, Wisconsin

By Mies van der Rohe – Concrete Country House

By Le Brun – Architectural design

By Chen, Shi Min – Section sketch, Nan Hai Hotel, SheKou, ShenZhen, China

By Thomas (18th Century) – Design for an edifice before a Park Wall

By Hejduk, John – Bernstein House

By Buïgas, Gaietà – Monument to Christopher Columbus in Barcelona (The first project)

By Dürer – Project drawing

By Gaudí – Three phases of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

By Jones, Inigo – Design for the Scene of Whitehall with the Banqueting House

By Gillot – Decorative design of a clavecin

By Eiffel, Gustave – The Eiffel Tower

By Watteau – Design of decorative panel. The Birth of Venus

By Terry Farrell – Sketch for unrealised Samsung headquarters building in London

By Ingres – Inner of ‘St Parxeda’ in Rome

By Brunelleschi – Inner of the church of ‘St Spirito’ in Florence

By Sant’Elia, Antonio – Civilian Museum

By Churriguera, José de – Altar of St. Francis Caracciolo

By Mies Van der Rohe – Preliminary study for the Lange House, Krefeld

By Beccafumi – Projection for painted facades

By Piranesi, G. B. – Architectural fantasy

By Rubens – Draft for an altar

By Le Corbusier – Sketch of Notre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp

By Christo – Wrapped trees

By Di Giorgio Martini – Picture from the treatise about architecture

By Fischer Von Erlach – Facade of Garden Pavilion

By Candela, Félix – Xochimilco Restaurant Design in Mexico City

By Guimard – Iron and glass entrance to the Paris Metro

By Michelangelo – Sheet of studies for St. Peter in Rome

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Adam and Eve

By Tintoretto – Study for the fall of Adam and Eve

By Dürer – Adam and Eve

By Klee – Adam and little Eve

By Pinazo, Ignacio – Adam and Eve making love

By Valadon, Suzanne – Naked couple standing on the painting Adam and Eve (also called Jeux)

By Gauguin – Tahitian Eve

By Jan Gossaert (Mabuse) – The fall of Adam and Eve

By Blake, William – Adam and Eve

By Anoymous author.17th century in Italy – Adam and Eve with Cain and Abel

By Lotto, Lorenzo [after Michelangelo] – The temptation and expulsion from paradise

By Fantin Latour – Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit

By Ruge, Jorg (Book of Heraldry) 15th century – Adam and Eve (detail)

By Cranach (the elder) – Adam reaches the apple’s Eve

By Bassano, Leandro – Adam and Eve

By Munch – Adam and Eve

By Raphael – Study for Adam

By Koning, Philips – Adam and Eve

By Dürer – Arm of Eve with the apple

By Wink, Christian – Adam and Eve after the Fall

By Goltzius, Hendrick – Adam and Eve

By Dix – Adam and Eve

By Michelangelo (After Masaccio) – Adam and Eve chased from paradise

By Pontormo – Study for ‘The creation of Eve’ and ‘Christ in glory’

By Fuchs, Peter – Adam and Eve

By Gauguin – The breton Eve

By Anonymous author. 17th century in Germany – Adam and Eve suckling and working after their expulsion

By Goudt, Hendrick (attributed) – Adam and Eve mourn the dead Abel

By Vinkeboons – Adam and Eve in paradise

By Hoey, Nicolas de – Adam and Eve in paradise

By Blake, William – Paradise lost. Adam and Eve sleeping

By Ronig, Ludwig Egidius – Adam and Eve

By Dürer – Study for the engraving, Adam and Eve

By Fantin Latour – Adam debout et Eve expelled from paradise

By Bosch, Hieronymus – Eve and the serpent


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Working, jobs, and home

By Van Gogh – Men in front of the counter in a cafe

By Dufy – The threshing machine at Lestelle

By Da Caravaggio, Polidoro – Woman teacher with her pupils

By Millet – The potato harvest

By Munch – Construction of the City Hall

By Puvis de Chavannes – Woman advancing to the right, head up, carrying two buckets

By Fantin Latour – The poet

By Carracci – Figure holding scales and merchandise

By Bruegel the Elder – The apiarists

By Arcimboldo – Peasant going to market

By Dix – Prostitute

By Goya – Blind beggar with a dog

By Klee – The twitter machine

By Hopper – Woman sewing

By Guys – Papers vendor

By Millet – Shepherd with herd in autumnal landscape, before a study for The fall of the leaves

By Rivera – Miners

By Fragonard – The fritters

By Picasso – Sketch for ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’

By Seurat – The painter

By Munch – Seated model

By Puvis de Chavannes – Lumberjack felling a tree

By unknown author of Dutch School of 17th century – Woman baking flapjacks

By Degas – Laundress

By Longhi – Servant offering a chair to a lady

By Daumier – Two lawyers conversing

By Veber, Jean – The cook

By Bruegel the Elder, P. – Summer

By Van Gogh – Woman by the wash tub in the garden

By Carracci – Depiction of a man holding staff

By Picabia – Alarm clock

By Dix – Operation

By Arcimboldo – Treatise on Silk Culture and Manufacture (detail)

By Millet – The Charcoal Burner’s Hut

By Boucher – Young countrywoman

By Da Vinci – Sketch for Codex Atlanticus

By Berckheyde – Inner of a forge

By Munch – At the doctor Jacobson’s clinic

By Friedrich – Farewell. Fisher at the beach

By Fantin Latour – Four women in an interior

By Christo and Jeanne Claude – Wrapped telephone

By Garrido, Leandro R. – Girl washing pots

By Puvis de Chavannes – Two naked men, one charging a bundle on the shoulder of the other

By Pissarro – Figure studies

By Goya – Three men digging

By Palmer – The sleeping shepherd. Early morning

By Dessar, Louis Paul – Woman knitting

By Bruegel the Elder, P. – A peasant seated, another standing

By Millet – A man ploughing and another sowing

By Fantin Latour – The flower seller

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Famous people sketched

By Malevich – Nero resolving death with his left hand (From ‘Victory on Sun’)

Seljuk manuscript 13th century – Socrates debating with his students.

Egyptian drawing – Ramses IV in his chariot (detail)

By Goya – Portrait of Francisco of Paula and of Bourbon, spanish Duke of Seville

By Kokoschka – Alma Mahler

By Léger – Louis Aragon

By Velázquez – The cardinal Borgia

By Fantin Latour – Edgar Poe with Baudelaire

By Rubens – Duke of Buckingham

By Bihzad – Portrait of the poet Hatifi, Jami’s nephew, wearing a shiite turban

By Da Vinci – Three sketches of Cesare Borgia

By Michelangelo – Cleopatra

By Steinlen – Portrait of Gorki

By Barlach, Ernst – The poet Theodor Däubler lying with a little dog

By Régamey, Félix – Rimbaud with Verlaine

By Naqqash Sinan Bey – Portrait of the Ottoman sultan Mehmed the Conqueror

By Dürer – Erasmus of Rotterdam

By Van Diepenbeeck – William duke of Newcastle riding

By Fragonard – Head of Benjamin Franklin

By Carrogis, Louis – David Hume

By Anonymous author of german school .18th century – Depiction of Marcus Aurelius

By Reza Abbasi – Muhammad-Beik, prince of Georgia

By Hodges, William – Pomare I, the King of Tahiti

By Waud, Alfred R. – General George Custer Receives a flag of truce at Appomattox Court House

By Bronzino – Rear of Cleopatra. Copy after Bandinelli’s

By Van Eyck, Jan – Portrait of the Cardinal Albergati

By Richmond, George – Charlotte Brontë

Aretino, Spinello – Scenes from the life of pope Alexander III

By Martin, David – Thomas Muir

By Régamey, Félix – Verlaine

By Bihzad – Jami as Apollonius and the minister Mir Ali Sher Nawai as Alexander

By Warhol – Michael Jackson

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Animals everything

By Goya – The elephants

By Rubens – Lion

By Pisanello – Running rabbit

Schoeffer, Peter (Printed by) in 1485. An elephant from an herbal called the Hortus Sanitatis

By Bosch, H. – Owl’s nest in the tree

By Gaudier-Brzeska – Jaguar

By Dürer- The stork

By Abu Sa’d’ Ubayd-Allah ibn Ibrahim, known as Ibn Bakhtishu – Two mountain rams fighting

By Delacroix – A lion and a turtle

By Sargent, John S.- Alligators

By Le Brun – Dromedaries

By Lorrain – Studies of deer

By Miró – Bird

By Fragonard – A lion in a stable

By Pisanello – Studies of monkeys and a peacock

By Nolde – Crowned cranes

By Dalí – Composition with a swan and an elephant

By Anonymous author from a medieval manuscript – Corn plants, anthill, and ants

By Villard de Honnecourt – Lion and porcupine

By Eisen – Eagle on a snowy pine branch

By Lancon, Auguste A. – Study of a lion

By Appel, Karel – Beast

By Dürer – Wing

By Mantegna, Andrea – Bird on a branch

By Rubens – Ox

By Bosch, H. – Studies of animals

By Abu Sa’d’ Ubayd-Allah ibn Ibrahim, known as Ibn Bakhtishu – Two elephants

By Delacroix – Study sheet with tigers

By Simon, T. F. – Cobras

By Da Udine – Study of a flying sparrow

By Arcimboldo – Study of a Lizard, a Chameleon and a Salamander

By Barlow, Francis – Seated fox

By Hiroshige – Wild duck in the reeds with falling snow

By Zuoren, Wu – Unknown title depicting a camels caravan

By Roerich, Nicholas – Wolves

By Pisanello – Vogel

By De Gheyn, the younger – A frog

By Bacon – Two owls

By Gaudier-Brzeska – Vulture

By myself – Study of a close bull

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Anonymous author – Muslim and Christian playing chess. 13th century

By Goya – Eagle hunter

By Géricault – Boxers with spectators and a man’s head

By Lautrec, Toulouse – At the circus free horses

By Boccioni – Dynamism of a cyclist (Oblong feature)

Anonymous author – Raja smoking a hookah. India, Rajasthan, 19th century

By T.F. Simon – Henry Circus in Prague

By Grosz – Acrobats

By Fantin Latour – The toast

By Ter Borch – Two boys relieving themselves in the street

By Munch – Asleep

By Seurat – Man lying on a parapet

By Leger – Skating rink

By Bruegel, the Elder – Seated Burgher

By Matisse – Signac fishing and Derain swimming

By Bonnard – Preparatory sketch for ‘Coffee’

By Beuys – Witches spitting fire

By Piranesi – Studies of three men

By Schlemmer – Man running

By Jones, Inigo – Elephant with palanquin

By Botero – Gymnast

By Van Dyck, Anton – Figure with dog and figure with falcon

By Guercino – Young holding a cup and a carafe of wine

By Kirchner – Two women

By Kubin, Alfred – Descent in the gorge

By Muhammad Ali of Golconda – Poet in a garden

By Bantzer, Carl – Vesper on the field

By Cézanne – Bathers

By Daumier – The athlete

By Lautrec, Toulouse – Drinker

By T.F. Simon – Asian girl with parasol

By Renoir – A woman seated by a lake

By Fantin Latour – Inner with five women

By Pissarro – Group of characters under discussion, for a market study

By Seurat – The nanny

By Avercamp – Games on the ice in Kampen

By Riza-i ‘Abbasi – Lady with a mirror

By Keene, Charles S.- The seven ages at lawn tennis

By Rowlandson – Pantheon masquerade

By Fragonard – Fireworks

By Van Ostade – Untitled

By Matisse – Seated woman

By Bonnard – Preparatory sketch for ‘The bowl of milk’

By Dürer – The women’s bath

By Calder – Circus

By Watteau – Savoyard

By Bacon – Man on a bed

By myself – Two figures talking beside a bench

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