Famous people sketched

By Malevich – Nero resolving death with his left hand (From ‘Victory on Sun’)

Seljuk manuscript 13th century – Socrates debating with his students.

Egyptian drawing – Ramses IV in his chariot (detail)

By Goya – Portrait of Francisco of Paula and of Bourbon, spanish Duke of Seville

By Kokoschka – Alma Mahler

By Léger – Louis Aragon

By Velázquez – The cardinal Borgia

By Fantin Latour – Edgar Poe with Baudelaire

By Rubens – Duke of Buckingham

By Bihzad – Portrait of the poet Hatifi, Jami’s nephew, wearing a shiite turban

By Da Vinci – Three sketches of Cesare Borgia

By Michelangelo – Cleopatra

By Steinlen – Portrait of Gorki

By Barlach, Ernst – The poet Theodor Däubler lying with a little dog

By Régamey, Félix – Rimbaud with Verlaine

By Naqqash Sinan Bey – Portrait of the Ottoman sultan Mehmed the Conqueror

By Dürer – Erasmus of Rotterdam

By Van Diepenbeeck – William duke of Newcastle riding

By Fragonard – Head of Benjamin Franklin

By Carrogis, Louis – David Hume

By Anonymous author of german school .18th century – Depiction of Marcus Aurelius

By Reza Abbasi – Muhammad-Beik, prince of Georgia

By Hodges, William – Pomare I, the King of Tahiti

By Waud, Alfred R. – General George Custer Receives a flag of truce at Appomattox Court House

By Bronzino – Rear of Cleopatra. Copy after Bandinelli’s

By Van Eyck, Jan – Portrait of the Cardinal Albergati

By Richmond, George – Charlotte Brontë

Aretino, Spinello – Scenes from the life of pope Alexander III

By Martin, David – Thomas Muir

By Régamey, Félix – Verlaine

By Bihzad – Jami as Apollonius and the minister Mir Ali Sher Nawai as Alexander

By Warhol – Michael Jackson


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