Working, jobs, and home

By Van Gogh – Men in front of the counter in a cafe

By Dufy – The threshing machine at Lestelle

By Da Caravaggio, Polidoro – Woman teacher with her pupils

By Millet – The potato harvest

By Munch – Construction of the City Hall

By Puvis de Chavannes – Woman advancing to the right, head up, carrying two buckets

By Fantin Latour – The poet

By Carracci – Figure holding scales and merchandise

By Bruegel the Elder – The apiarists

By Arcimboldo – Peasant going to market

By Dix – Prostitute

By Goya – Blind beggar with a dog

By Klee – The twitter machine

By Hopper – Woman sewing

By Guys – Papers vendor

By Millet – Shepherd with herd in autumnal landscape, before a study for The fall of the leaves

By Rivera – Miners

By Fragonard – The fritters

By Picasso – Sketch for ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’

By Seurat – The painter

By Munch – Seated model

By Puvis de Chavannes – Lumberjack felling a tree

By unknown author of Dutch School of 17th century – Woman baking flapjacks

By Degas – Laundress

By Longhi – Servant offering a chair to a lady

By Daumier – Two lawyers conversing

By Veber, Jean – The cook

By Bruegel the Elder, P. – Summer

By Van Gogh – Woman by the wash tub in the garden

By Carracci – Depiction of a man holding staff

By Picabia – Alarm clock

By Dix – Operation

By Arcimboldo – Treatise on Silk Culture and Manufacture (detail)

By Millet – The Charcoal Burner’s Hut

By Boucher – Young countrywoman

By Da Vinci – Sketch for Codex Atlanticus

By Berckheyde – Inner of a forge

By Munch – At the doctor Jacobson’s clinic

By Friedrich – Farewell. Fisher at the beach

By Fantin Latour – Four women in an interior

By Christo and Jeanne Claude – Wrapped telephone

By Garrido, Leandro R. – Girl washing pots

By Puvis de Chavannes – Two naked men, one charging a bundle on the shoulder of the other

By Pissarro – Figure studies

By Goya – Three men digging

By Palmer – The sleeping shepherd. Early morning

By Dessar, Louis Paul – Woman knitting

By Bruegel the Elder, P. – A peasant seated, another standing

By Millet – A man ploughing and another sowing

By Fantin Latour – The flower seller

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