Architecture, furniture, and decoration

By Le Corbusier – Gymnasium in Baghdad (Iraq)

By Hara, Hiroshi – Mid-Air City sketch, Umeda Sky Building, Kita-ku, Osaka

By Malevich – Suprematism space

By Guimard – Concert hall Humbert of Romans in Paris

By Mucha – Study for ornaments

By Michelangelo – Drawings for the staircase hall of the Laurentian Library, Florence

By Candela, Félix – Umbrella covering in St. Jerome

By Von Menzel, Adolph – Staircase in the Bishop’s Palace of Nysa

By Borromini – Drawings for the facade of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Rome

By Christo – The Gates

By Fischer Von Erlach – Facade of Garden Pavilion

By Lloyd Wright – Initial drawings for the Greek Orthodox Church in Wuawatosa, Wisconsin

By Mies van der Rohe – Concrete Country House

By Le Brun – Architectural design

By Chen, Shi Min – Section sketch, Nan Hai Hotel, SheKou, ShenZhen, China

By Thomas (18th Century) – Design for an edifice before a Park Wall

By Hejduk, John – Bernstein House

By Buïgas, Gaietà – Monument to Christopher Columbus in Barcelona (The first project)

By Dürer – Project drawing

By Gaudí – Three phases of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

By Jones, Inigo – Design for the Scene of Whitehall with the Banqueting House

By Gillot – Decorative design of a clavecin

By Eiffel, Gustave – The Eiffel Tower

By Watteau – Design of decorative panel. The Birth of Venus

By Terry Farrell – Sketch for unrealised Samsung headquarters building in London

By Ingres – Inner of ‘St Parxeda’ in Rome

By Brunelleschi – Inner of the church of ‘St Spirito’ in Florence

By Sant’Elia, Antonio – Civilian Museum

By Churriguera, José de – Altar of St. Francis Caracciolo

By Mies Van der Rohe – Preliminary study for the Lange House, Krefeld

By Beccafumi – Projection for painted facades

By Piranesi, G. B. – Architectural fantasy

By Rubens – Draft for an altar

By Le Corbusier – Sketch of Notre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp

By Christo – Wrapped trees

By Di Giorgio Martini – Picture from the treatise about architecture

By Fischer Von Erlach – Facade of Garden Pavilion

By Candela, Félix – Xochimilco Restaurant Design in Mexico City

By Guimard – Iron and glass entrance to the Paris Metro

By Michelangelo – Sheet of studies for St. Peter in Rome

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