War, battles, political, fights and violence

By Picasso – Hand of warrior holding a broken sword

By Goya – A drawing for the Disasters of War

By Cézanne – Scene of violence

By Orsi, Lelio – A crossbowman

By Vivant Denon – Severed head, said to be that of Maximilien-François-Marie-Isidore de Robespierre, guillotined

By Picasso – Head of a horse. Guernica sketch 8

By Ribera – Woman holding an arrow

By Da Vinci – Engine to kill

By Géricault – The retreat from Russia

By Chagall – About war (1915)

By Parrocel – Head of a soldier

By Grosz – Manifest of Grosz

By Daumier – The thieves and the ass

By Pollaiolo – A Francis Sforza victory

By Dürer – Battle of seagod (after Mantegna)

By Picasso – Man-Bull. (Guernica sketch 26)

By Kustodiev – Petrograd in 1920

By Da Vinci – Dragon and a lion fighting

By Le Brun – Detail of a combat scene

By Uccello – Soldier on rearing horse

By Bauer – Soldiers using prismatics

By Wilkie, David – An incident during the visit of George IV to Edinburgh

By Tintoretto – Study for an archer of the Battle of Zara

By Gutiérrez Solana, José – Picking up the dead (Spanish civil war)

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Musketeer

By Picasso – Composition study with bull, horse and figures. Guernica sketch 6

By Da Vinci – Mortars bombarding a fortress

By Dürer – Abduction on horseback

By Seurat – Soldiers, one mending his linen

By Grosz – Toads of property

By Moore – Refuge

By Planas – Ali Bey al-Abbasi (Domingo Badía Leblich) in the desert (drawing for ‘The Catalan Glories’)

By Farinati, Paolo – The jewish forces vanquishing the supporters of Haman

By Watteau – Sheet with studies of a young woman and four reclining soldiers

By Picasso – Bullfighting scene

By Pisanello – Bowcase and quiver of arrows

By Parrocel – Cavaliers falling into the water after the collapse of a drawbridge

By Nash, Paul – The Messerschmidt (The Swallow)

By Raphael – A group of four warriors

By Uccello, Paolo – Six heads of falcon and three warriors in to two sheets

By Picasso – ‘War and peace’

By Da Vinci – Designs for a catapult

By Rubens – Studies of horses and figures some soldiers

By Del Vaga – Combats of the amazons

By Guercino – Two warriors

By Anonymous – Troop of horsemen out of a city

By Allan, David – Mary Queen of Scots lead through the streets of Edinburgh after the Battle of Carberry Hill

By Delacroix – Lion and tiger fighting

By Picasso – The Tauromachia

By Géricault – Bonaparte march in the desert

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