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By T.F. Simon – Jan Paderewski

By Ingres – Franz Liszt portrait

By Larionov – Igor Stravinsky, Serge Diaghilev, Jean Cocteau and Erik Satie

By Rusiñol, Santiago – A caricature of Erik Satie

By Edelfelt, Albert – Sibelius

By Dalbin – Berg and Schönberg with an string quartet

By Ingres – Portrait of Charles Gounod

By Bendemann – Schumann

By Maurice, son of George Sand – Chopin playing piano at Valldemossa (Majorca)

By Hoechle, Johann N. – Beethoven’s room

By Ingres – Study for the portrait of Cherubini

By Picasso – Portrait of Igor Stravinsky

By Krohg – Delius

By Ancher, Michael – Carl Nielsen

By Longhi – Antonio Vivaldi playing violin

By Larionov – Stravinsky playing piano among Diaghilev and Prokofiev

By Zorn -Felix Mendelssohn

By Böhler, Otto – Mahler’s silhouettes

By Signac – Erik Satie

By Ingres – The violinist Niccolo Paganini


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By Burne-Jones, Edward – The Nativity

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Tourist and transport

By Dufy – The dome in Florence

By Mir, Joaquim – Construction of ‘Sagrada Familia’ temple in 1896. Barcelona

By Klee – View of Kairouan

By Seurat – Railway tracks

By T. F. Simon – Kyoto

By La Neziere, J. David de – Ruins of Angkor

By Vodkin, Petrov – Street in Samarkand. Night. Illustration for essay Samarkandia

By G. T. Vigne – Sunrise from the Apostle’s Battery, Port Royal, Jamaica

By Potter, Maurice – View of Harrar

By Canaletto – Westminster Bridge during the restoration

By Schilbach – Heidelberg castle

By Grosz – Street scene in Berlin

By T.F. Simon – New York Brooklyn Bridge

By Zorn – Gondola in Venice

By Delaunay – Study to ‘The Eiffel Tower’

By Daumier – From series ‘By train’

By Dauzats – The Doubloon Street in Cádiz

By Kokoschka- Tower Bridge

By Gilbertson – Ivan the Great Bell Tower and Archangel Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin

By Prunier, Gaston – The bridge and the city of Toledo (Spain)

By Badia – The Djebel or Mountain of Light in the desert of Mecca

By La Neziere, J. David de – Beijing a bridge to the wall of the city

By Marquet – Boulogne sur Mer

By Van Poelenburch – Arch of Titus in Rome

By de Chirico – The roman villa

By G. T. Vigne – First sight of Jerusalem from the Jaffa & El Arish road

By Ingres – View of Mt. Vesuvius

By Wagenbauer – Arber Lake

By Vodkin, Petrov – Illustration for essay Samarkand

By Hubert Robert – The draughstman of the Borghese vessel near the Colosseum in Rome

By Canaletto – The Grand Canal near the Ponte Rialto

By Potter, Maurice – African village

By T. F. Simon – Panama Canal

By Corot – Chartres cathedral west facade

By Fouqueray, Charles – According to Dong Hoi, Quang Tri, Vietnam Lagoon in colonial times

By Guardi – View of ‘La Fenice’. Venice

By Turner – Temple of the Sibyl.Tivoli

By La Neziere, J. David de – Chinese restaurant

By T. F. Simon – Drawing of Singapore Tower

By myself – Under Avignon’s bridge

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By Guercino – Two women drying their hair in front of fireplace

By Picasso – Woman styling

By Greuze – Girl at her toilet

By Lichtenstein – Depiction a face of a girl in a mirror (Unknown title)

By Rego, Paula – Depiction of four women in a lounge (Unknown title)

By Da Vinci – Studies for the head of Leda

By de Gheyn II – Four studies of a woman combing

By Puvis de Chavannes – Study of a woman plaited

By Passerotti, Bartolomeo – Head of a man

By Goya – Young woman arranging her hair

By Watteau – Six studies of women’s heads and two of a boy

By Klimt – Reclining nude

By Kustodiev, Boris – Girl brushing her hair

By Rubens – Bearded man

By Parmigianino – Woman delousing a child

By Picasso – Naked woman arranging her hair

By Boucher, François (Attributed) – Two studies of women heads with hairstyle

By Da Vinci – Drawing of Salai

By Valadon, Suzanne – Four feminine act studies

By Rego, Paula – Depiction of a woman styling hair of a man with boats and coastal cliff in the background (Unknown title)

By Helleu – Studies of Mme Helleu and Ellen

By Tournes, Etienne – Seated woman seen from behind arranges her hair

By Picasso – Bearded

By Draper, Herbert James -Study for Lamia

By Matisse – Young girl with braids

By Degas – Woman drying herself

By Fau, Ferdinand – Naked girl on her knees arranging her hair

By Da Vinci – The bust of a man with flowing hair in profile

By Piot, René – Nude woman standing her hair. Top right, a sketch of a naked woman

By Puvis de Chavannes – Nude woman sitting on a pedestal, styling her hair

By Toulouse Lautrec – Woman with mirror

By Rego, Paula – Depiction of woman with girl at the hairdresser’s shop. (Study for ‘Lessons’ II)

By della Bella – Study of female head in three-quarter profile and bust seen from the back

By Rivera – Woman with comb

By Picasso – A woman’s toilette

By Eisen – Grooming. Spring mist

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Letters, diaries and manuscripts

By Kahlo, Frida – A page of her diary (1953)

By Van Gogh – Sketch of a country road with farm in a letter (October 1881)

By Manet – Rosebud. Letter with watercolor

By Van Dyck – Manuscript with sketches of heads

By Meifrèn, Eliseu – Self-portrait in New York in a letter to Alexandre de Riquer (1917)

By Delaunay, Sonia – Proposed stationery for Delaunay family

By Van Gogh – Pollarded willows. Sketch in a letter (August 1882)

By Mola, Pier Francesco – Letter to the painter Pietro Paolo Baldini with a caricature of a woman on a celestial chariot pulled by winged phallus (the first two pages)

By Count de Meurs – Drawings in a letter. 15th century

By Potier, Julien – To Miss Cogniet. Female bust, back

By Schiele, Egon – A letter to the sisters Edith and Adele Harms

By Van Gogh – Sketches of Scheveningen in a letter. Still life, bust and woman (december 1881)

By Remington – Runaway Horses and four letters (1897-1898)

By Toulouse Lautrec – School notebook (1873-1874)

By Fantin Latour – The Truth and handwritten notes

By Van Gogh – Bedroom in Arles. Autograph letter, dated 17 October 1888, to Paul Gauguin

By Van Gogh – Bedroom in Arles. Autograph letter, dated 17 October 1888, to Paul Gauguin


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By Grien, Hans Baldung – Head of Saturn

By Cézanne – Study of Cupid and Centaur, two apples and a bather

By Tintoretto – Study of a statue of Atlas

By Carracci – Bacchante for the Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne

By Rodin – Sisyphus

By Dürer – Asclepius with a glass and snake

By Rubens – Venus lamenting Adonis

By Delacroix – Apollo in his chariot

By Tiepolo – Psyche transported to Olympus

By anonymous – Saturn to one of their children

By Poussin – A young Bacchus

By Fantin Latour – The toilet of Venus

By Corinth – The Rape of Europa

By Ingres – Study for ‘Paphos Venus’

By Heckel – Phoenix (Soaring bird)

By Picasso – Deïaneira and Nessus

By Lorrain, Claude – Classical landscape with Pegasus and mythological figures

By Guercino – Venus, Cupid and Mars

By Cellini – Apollo

By Da Vinci – Venus and Cupid

By Boucher – Venus

By Franceschini, Baldassare Il Volterrano – Aeolus supported by the winds

By Le Brun – Supported by a satyr Silenus

By Waterhouse, John William – Drawing for Boreas

By Carracci, Lodovico – Hercules and the Hydra

By Dürer – Death of Orpheus

By Van Dyck – Diana and Endymion

By Primaticcio – June waking up the dreams

By Delacroix Children of Niobe killed by Diana

By Tiepolo, Giandomenico – A family of Satyrs in a kitchen

By anonymous of the Italian School (17th century). Apollo playing the lyre on Mountain Parnassus for the muses

By Raphael – Leda and the Swan

By Rubens – Sleep Pan

By Ribera – Bacchus scene with satyrs, cupids, and a donkey braying

By Fantin Latour – Abandoned Ariadne

By Poussin – Hyacinth and Apollo

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By Sirani, Elisabetta – Self-portrait

By Palma Vecchio – Self-portrait

By Zorn, Anders – Self-portrait

By Pontormo – Self-portrait

By Arcimboldo – Self-portrait

By Carracci, Annibale – Self-portrait (with easel in a workshop)

By Palma the Young – Self-portrait

By Matisse – Self-portrait

By Romano, Julius – Self-portrait

By Fuseli – Self-portrait as a faun

By Ingres – Self-portrait

By Cuevas, José Luis – Self-portrait

By Dürer – Self-portrait (when he was just 13)

By Rubens – Self-portrait

By Liebermann, Max – Self-portrait in the open drawing

By Rembrandt- Self-portrait, drawing at a window

By Schiele – Self-portrait

By Orpen, William – Self-portrait

By Raphael – Self-portrait

By Barlach, Ernst – Self-portrait

By Friedrich – Self-Portrait with cap and sighting eye-shield

By Kokoschka – Self-portrait holding a pen

By T.F. Simon – Self-portrait

By Keene, Charles – Self-portrait

By Rops, Felicien – Self-portrait

By Da Vinci – Self-portrait

By Goltzius, Hendrick – Self-portrait

By Torres-García, Joaquim – Self-portrait

By Schulz – Self-portrait behind the sketch desktop

By Meissonier, Ernest – Self-portrait

By Vodkin, Petrov – Self-portrait

By Buffet – Self-portrait

By Degas – Self-portrait

By Fantin Latour – Self-portrait

By Reynolds – Self-portrait as a figure of horror

By Dürer – Self-portrait (left hand and cushion)

By Bellini, Gentile – Self-portrait

By Beuys – Self-Portrait as a dwarf

By Turner, J.M.W. – Self-portrait

By Hokusai – Sketch for self-portrait holding staff

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Horses, riders, carts, and donkeys

By Bruegel the Elder – The team

By Da Vinci – Front view. Study of the proportion of horses

By Picasso – A horse in the bullfighting

By Géricault – Two horses and one rider. Scene after the free race-horse

By Pisanello – Sketches of John VIII Palaiologos during his visit at the council of Florence

By Dufy – A parade of jockeys in Deauville

By Van Gogh – Sketch of a donkey

By Cox, David – Ornamented head of a horse

By Degas – Horse in a study for Semiramis building Babylon

By Rembrandt – Masked men on horseback

By Gainsborough – Wooded landscape with peasant asleep and horses outside a shed

By Vodkin, Petrov – Horse’s Head with opened mouth, for painting Bathing of the Red Horse

By Goya – Horse kidnapper

By Da Vinci – Horses feet showing the horseshoes

By Zhao Mengfu – Groom with tied white stallion 13th century

By Géricault – Stallion seen from back in a sheet with an sketch of a woman

By Seurat – Two horse-hitch

By Avercamp, Hendrik – Two ladies and a gentleman on a horse-drawn sleigh

By Vernier, Emile L. – Draft horse with its necklace

By Kirchner – Unknown title depicting figures with their horses

By Sargent, John Singer – Arab stable

By Guercino – Horses for the ceiling fresco Aurora in the Casino Ludovisi, Rome

By Veber, Jean – A blacksmith putting the horseshoe

By Kokoschka – Six riders on white horses

By Della Bella (Attributed) – Man on horseback raising his right arm

By Gauguin – Horse

By Da Vinci – The head of a horse

By Raphael – Study of a sculpture of a horse

By Van Gogh – Hind legs of a horse

By Pisanello – Horses with reins and saddles

By Géricault (Attributed) – Studies of two horses

By Marini, Marino – Horse and cavalier

By Dufy – Horse racing at Goodwood

By Degas – A jockey

By Cox, David – Horse and barge

By Fragonard – The broken rein

By Stubbs, George – Muscles of the horse

By Beihong, Xu – Black and white horses

By Da Vinci – A horse in profile divided by lines

By Géricault – Studies of stallions in the stable

By Rembrandt – Two figures in a landscape, one on horseback

By Titian – Horse and rider

By Gainsborough – Travellers on horseback and carriages passing through a village

By Ademar de Chabannais – Horses with carriages in the sketches for the Psychomachia of Prudentius. 10th century

By Delacroix – A bugler soldier on horseback with his dog

By Degas – Cavalier

By Da Vinci – A horse’s left foreleg with measurements

By Van Gogh – Horse and carriage

By Pisanello – Head of a horse

By myself – Equestrian statue


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Saint’s day. Barbara

By Van Eyck, Jan – St Barbara

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By Courbet – The sleeping reader

By Daumier – A man with hat reading under the shadow in a garden

By Kenyon Cox – Nude study for Romance in The Arts at the Library of Congress Jefferson Building

By Eisen – The woman of a couple reading a letter

By Constable – Portrait of Mary Constable reading

By Gheyn – Woman and child looking at a picture book

By Fantin Latour – Two women sitting at a table, one reading

By Sisley – Woman reading

By Friedrich – The romantic reader

By Seurat – Woman reading. Rehearsal

By Maratta – Portrait of Priest Resta

By Rembrandt – Studies of a woman reading and an oriental man

By Moore – Women reading in bed

By Matisse – The reading

By Meissonier, Ernest – A book given by the slice

By Vernier, Emile L.- Man in a frock coat and extended reading

By Fantin Latour – Seated Woman, three-quarters left on a sofa, reading

By Constable – A girl reading

By Bashkirtseff, Marie – Girl reading

By Puvis de Chavannes – Nude woman sitting, looking to the left, holding a book

By Renoir – Reading girl in half figure

By myself – Little girl reads sitting over the grass

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