Horses, riders, carts, and donkeys

By Bruegel the Elder – The team

By Da Vinci – Front view. Study of the proportion of horses

By Picasso – A horse in the bullfighting

By Géricault – Two horses and one rider. Scene after the free race-horse

By Pisanello – Sketches of John VIII Palaiologos during his visit at the council of Florence

By Dufy – A parade of jockeys in Deauville

By Van Gogh – Sketch of a donkey

By Cox, David – Ornamented head of a horse

By Degas – Horse in a study for Semiramis building Babylon

By Rembrandt – Masked men on horseback

By Gainsborough – Wooded landscape with peasant asleep and horses outside a shed

By Vodkin, Petrov – Horse’s Head with opened mouth, for painting Bathing of the Red Horse

By Goya – Horse kidnapper

By Da Vinci – Horses feet showing the horseshoes

By Zhao Mengfu – Groom with tied white stallion 13th century

By Géricault – Stallion seen from back in a sheet with an sketch of a woman

By Seurat – Two horse-hitch

By Avercamp, Hendrik – Two ladies and a gentleman on a horse-drawn sleigh

By Vernier, Emile L. – Draft horse with its necklace

By Kirchner – Unknown title depicting figures with their horses

By Sargent, John Singer – Arab stable

By Guercino – Horses for the ceiling fresco Aurora in the Casino Ludovisi, Rome

By Veber, Jean – A blacksmith putting the horseshoe

By Kokoschka – Six riders on white horses

By Della Bella (Attributed) – Man on horseback raising his right arm

By Gauguin – Horse

By Da Vinci – The head of a horse

By Raphael – Study of a sculpture of a horse

By Van Gogh – Hind legs of a horse

By Pisanello – Horses with reins and saddles

By Géricault (Attributed) – Studies of two horses

By Marini, Marino – Horse and cavalier

By Dufy – Horse racing at Goodwood

By Degas – A jockey

By Cox, David – Horse and barge

By Fragonard – The broken rein

By Stubbs, George – Muscles of the horse

By Beihong, Xu – Black and white horses

By Da Vinci – A horse in profile divided by lines

By Géricault – Studies of stallions in the stable

By Rembrandt – Two figures in a landscape, one on horseback

By Titian – Horse and rider

By Gainsborough – Travellers on horseback and carriages passing through a village

By Ademar de Chabannais – Horses with carriages in the sketches for the Psychomachia of Prudentius. 10th century

By Delacroix – A bugler soldier on horseback with his dog

By Degas – Cavalier

By Da Vinci – A horse’s left foreleg with measurements

By Van Gogh – Horse and carriage

By Pisanello – Head of a horse

By myself – Equestrian statue


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6 responses to “Horses, riders, carts, and donkeys

  1. fabulous collection of great artists’ works featuring the horse! love them all. thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Debi, we could learn a bit more everyday, entering into the gaze of the different masters. The sketches by them are the skeleton for their paintings. But sometime there are artists as you, that not need to draw or to sketch. Because they have the sketch in their mind and can to paint directly. It’s a pleasure to talk with you. I’m grateful for your visits and for your wise comments. I admire your work. Thanks again, darling ❤


  2. horse is an animal so elegant, so classy… very beautiful drawings:)
    have a nice sunday

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