By Guercino – Two women drying their hair in front of fireplace

By Picasso – Woman styling

By Greuze – Girl at her toilet

By Lichtenstein – Depiction a face of a girl in a mirror (Unknown title)

By Rego, Paula – Depiction of four women in a lounge (Unknown title)

By Da Vinci – Studies for the head of Leda

By de Gheyn II – Four studies of a woman combing

By Puvis de Chavannes – Study of a woman plaited

By Passerotti, Bartolomeo – Head of a man

By Goya – Young woman arranging her hair

By Watteau – Six studies of women’s heads and two of a boy

By Klimt – Reclining nude

By Kustodiev, Boris – Girl brushing her hair

By Rubens – Bearded man

By Parmigianino – Woman delousing a child

By Picasso – Naked woman arranging her hair

By Boucher, François (Attributed) – Two studies of women heads with hairstyle

By Da Vinci – Drawing of Salai

By Valadon, Suzanne – Four feminine act studies

By Rego, Paula – Depiction of a woman styling hair of a man with boats and coastal cliff in the background (Unknown title)

By Helleu – Studies of Mme Helleu and Ellen

By Tournes, Etienne – Seated woman seen from behind arranges her hair

By Picasso – Bearded

By Draper, Herbert James -Study for Lamia

By Matisse – Young girl with braids

By Degas – Woman drying herself

By Fau, Ferdinand – Naked girl on her knees arranging her hair

By Da Vinci – The bust of a man with flowing hair in profile

By Piot, René – Nude woman standing her hair. Top right, a sketch of a naked woman

By Puvis de Chavannes – Nude woman sitting on a pedestal, styling her hair

By Toulouse Lautrec – Woman with mirror

By Rego, Paula – Depiction of woman with girl at the hairdresser’s shop. (Study for ‘Lessons’ II)

By della Bella – Study of female head in three-quarter profile and bust seen from the back

By Rivera – Woman with comb

By Picasso – A woman’s toilette

By Eisen – Grooming. Spring mist

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  1. Hi Christopher, in this blog are collected artworks under the ‘Sketch concept’, but not necessarily they all must be drawings.

    If you mean the image of Picasso titled “Woman styling” (posted on December 19, 2011) might well be a monotype, a technique included in the engraving environment, which allows only a reproduction, it is obtained by a layout that may be with a paintbrush on a support and then by contact friction against the paper reverse, it transfers an image.

    You can enjoy its feature by enlarging with zoom

    Sorry I have no more data of this piece, but thank you very much for your question. I hope you keep visiting the blog.

    Sketchuniverse’s Blogger


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