Tourist and transport

By Dufy – The dome in Florence

By Mir, Joaquim – Construction of ‘Sagrada Familia’ temple in 1896. Barcelona

By Klee – View of Kairouan

By Seurat – Railway tracks

By T. F. Simon – Kyoto

By La Neziere, J. David de – Ruins of Angkor

By Vodkin, Petrov – Street in Samarkand. Night. Illustration for essay Samarkandia

By G. T. Vigne – Sunrise from the Apostle’s Battery, Port Royal, Jamaica

By Potter, Maurice – View of Harrar

By Canaletto – Westminster Bridge during the restoration

By Schilbach – Heidelberg castle

By Grosz – Street scene in Berlin

By T.F. Simon – New York Brooklyn Bridge

By Zorn – Gondola in Venice

By Delaunay – Study to ‘The Eiffel Tower’

By Daumier – From series ‘By train’

By Dauzats – The Doubloon Street in Cádiz

By Kokoschka- Tower Bridge

By Gilbertson – Ivan the Great Bell Tower and Archangel Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin

By Prunier, Gaston – The bridge and the city of Toledo (Spain)

By Badia – The Djebel or Mountain of Light in the desert of Mecca

By La Neziere, J. David de – Beijing a bridge to the wall of the city

By Marquet – Boulogne sur Mer

By Van Poelenburch – Arch of Titus in Rome

By de Chirico – The roman villa

By G. T. Vigne – First sight of Jerusalem from the Jaffa & El Arish road

By Ingres – View of Mt. Vesuvius

By Wagenbauer – Arber Lake

By Vodkin, Petrov – Illustration for essay Samarkand

By Hubert Robert – The draughstman of the Borghese vessel near the Colosseum in Rome

By Canaletto – The Grand Canal near the Ponte Rialto

By Potter, Maurice – African village

By T. F. Simon – Panama Canal

By Corot – Chartres cathedral west facade

By Fouqueray, Charles – According to Dong Hoi, Quang Tri, Vietnam Lagoon in colonial times

By Guardi – View of ‘La Fenice’. Venice

By Turner – Temple of the Sibyl.Tivoli

By La Neziere, J. David de – Chinese restaurant

By T. F. Simon – Drawing of Singapore Tower

By myself – Under Avignon’s bridge


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