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Drawing or painting

By Della Bella – Two figures seen from rear, one drawing and the other holding a gun

By Picasso – The old model

By Fantin-Latour – Drawing lesson

By Lorrain, Claude – Artist sketching in front of a cavern

By Dalí – Illustration of the book to paint ’50 Magic Secrets’

By Bruegel the Elder – The painter and the connoisseur

By Savery – Rocky landscape with a draftsman

By de Chirico – The mannequin artist

By Settegast – Drawing at countryside

By Rowlandson – Live class

By Bazille, Jean F. – Manet while drawing

By Rembrandt – Man drawing from a cast

By Parmigianino – Interior of studio

By Repin, Ilya – In the studio

By Runge, Ph. Otto – Drawing hands

By Fantin Latour – Artist sitting at his easel in profile to left

By anonymous ottoman painter – Miniature in old persian manuscript of the Shahnama

By Bury – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe with his italian friends

By Schwind – Even at the easel

By Carracci, Annibale – Drawing of an artist at his easel

By Lorrain, Claude – An artist drawing

By Daubigny – The boat workshop

By Maclise – Portrait of Constable teaching

By Gainsborough, Thomas – Self-portrait of the artist sketching

By Daumier – A painter’s studio

By Ferri – Drawing academy

By Fantin Latour – Interior of studio

By anonymous – Aquarellist in front of ‘Ponte Salario’

By Tiepolo – Artists drawing a nude at the Piazzetta’s Academy

By Picasso – The painter and his model

By Rowlandson – A bench of artists

By Fantin Latour – A man sitting cross-legged drawing


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Portrait everything

By Dürer – Portrait of a young, twenty four years old

By Rubens – Portrait of Susan Fourment

By Bernini, Gian L. – Portrait of a man with a moustache

By Degas – Portrait of a woman

By Zorn, Anders – Mona

By Balthus – Unknown title

By Picasso – Portrait of a woman. Left profile of Jacqueline

By Bihzad – Portrait of the uzbek emir Shaybani Khan wearing a Sunni turban

By Boccioni, Umberto – Portrait of Carlo Carrà

By Dix – Unknown title portrait

By Steinlen – Portrait of Suzanne Valadon

By Matisse – Portrait of Cocoly Agelaso

By Manet – Portrait of Courbet

By Kirchner – Portrait of Döblin

By Popova – Sketch for a portrait

By Clouet – Portrait of an unknown man

By Kokochska – Unknown title portrait

By Waterhouse – Unknown title portrait

By Perugino Vannucci – Portrait of a young

By Rossetti, Dante Gabriel – Portrait of Jane Morris

By Holbein the Younger – Portrait of lady Mary Guildford

By Degas – Gustave Moreau to offices

By Balthus – Unknown title

By Rubens – Unknown title

By Zorn, Anders – Portrait of Auguste Rodin

By Picasso – Portrait of Dora Maar

By Bernini, Gian L.- Portrait of a boy

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Marcelle Lender

By Dürer – Portrait of a young man

By Raphael – Figure of a young woman

By Sargent, J. S. – Dorothy Barnard

By Giacometti – Head of a woman. Annette

By Sickert – Blind Jimmy

By Van der Weyden – Portrait of a man

By Klimt – Half-length portrait of a nude girl to the right

By Dufy – Portrait of Eugene Monfort

By Balthus – Unknown title

By Michelangelo – Volterra

By Degas – Manet at the racing

By Van Dyck – Portrait of Pieter Bruegel the Younger

By Brancusi – Desen

By Pinazo – Pepa Marco

By Bellmer, Hans – Marcel Duchamp in profile

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Plants, trees, botanical and still life

By Kupka, František – Woman picking flowers

By Matisse – Tahitian hat’s still life

By Mackintosh – Cactus

By Van Gogh – Drawing blossoming branches

By Kalho, Frida – Untitled Small Life

By Cézanne – Study of a tree

By Lichtenstein – Still life with lemons

By Constable – An oak tree in a hayfield

By Rodchenko – Tea cup and tray

By Gris – Still life with bottle and funnel

By Lorrain – Oak trees wood and herders

By Balthus – Still life of the kitchen

By Sutherland – Composition

By Quost, Ernest – Camellias and rhododendrons

By Goncharova, Natalia S. – Composition with trees

By Bosch, Hieronymus – The Tree Man

By Mondrian – Red chrysanthemum

By Picasso – Inside the Villa La Californie

By Tiepolo, Giovanni D. – Study of vase

By Matisse – Flowers

By Monet – Poplars on the Epte at the Marsh of limit

By Ray, Man – Mail tree

By Snyders – A still life of dead game, fruit, an artichoke, a lobster and a boar’s head in a tureen

By Carracci – Trees beside a hem of a water path

By Pissarro – Autumn trees

By Lichtenstein – Still life with bananas, grape, cup, canvas, mirror and curtain

By Barocci – Plants above an eroded bank

By Da Vinci – Study of a tree

By Corbusier – Still life with guitar

By Dufy – Nosegay of anemones

By Friedrich – Study of a kind of fir

By Boccioni, Umberto – Still life with bottle on a table

By Cézanne – Still life with green melon

By Pisanello – Studies of flowers

By Rivera – Still life

By Aldrovandi – Specimens of nature

By Bodmer, Carl – Sketches of several plants

By Wu Changshuo – Plants and flowers

By Constable – Study of ash and other trees

By Matisse – Still life on a table and a picture in the background

By Balthus – Still life

By Girtin – Studies of cypress trees

By Quost, Ernest – View of a garden with a foreground massive gladiolus

By Anonymous (18th century) – Lily

By Van Gogh – Spoon, bowl and dish

By Lorrain, Claude – Study of trees

By Balthus – Unknown title

By Hong-Ren – Unknown title

By Bantzer, Carl – Drawing of the forest edge

By myself – Young cypresses swang by wind beside a bench


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Saints’ day. Agnes

By Biliverti, Giovanni – Studies of St Agnes

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Costume, fashion and drapery

By Longhi – Two ladies wearing panniers in conversation

By David – The Empress Josephine kneeling with Mme de la Rochefoucauld and Mme de la Valette

By Toulouse Lautrec – Women walk

By Chardin – Study for a man seen from the rear

By Corot, J.B.C. -Portrait of a young woman wearing a large hat

By Warhol – Shoes

By Watteau – Two studies of a woman seated on the ground

By Kokoschka – Girl with a yellow headband

By Pisanello – Young man with his hands tied behind his back

By Cox, David – Woman wearing a red skirt and holding an umbrella

By Van Gogh – Lady with checked dress and hat

By Popova – Woman costume design for Romeo and Juliet by W.Shakespeare

By Pissarro – Young man sitting lacing his shoes

By Leighton, Frederick – Head of medieval man wearing a hood

By Klimt – Study for the portrait of Mada Primavesi

By Malevich – ‘The New’ (From ‘Victory on Sun’)

By Marquet – A woman seen from the rear

By Di Biagio Catena – Drapery on a half length figure with raised right arm

By Fantin Latour – Study of a ‘redingote’ for the portrait of Champfleury

By Rego, Paula – Unknown title

By Ingres – Study to the ‘Portrait of the Countess of Haussonville’

By Tiepolo – Man wearing a cloak

By Gainsborough – Study of a lady with hat

By Anonymous of french school. 16th century – A masked figure in venetian costume

By Watteau – Study probably for ‘The Indifferent’ in the Louvre

By Renoir – Portrait of unknown lady with hat

By Carracci – Study of the wrap of a bearded old man

By Greuze – Study for ‘The Marriage Contract’

By Rodchenko – Woman in kimono

By Pannini – Boy upholding his hat to save from the sun

By Da Vinci – Study of the lower side of a dress

By the school of Jacques Louis David – Young man standing

By Von Menzel – Study of a woman with a fan

By Watteau – Sketch with two figures

By Pillement- Costume study

By Puvis de Chavannes – Draped woman, seen from behind, three-quarters to right, right hand raised

By Friedrich – Woman with wrap

By Titian – A group of apostles. (Sketch for the Assunta in the church of ‘Frari’)

By Ghirlandaio – Study of two women

By Grosz – Woman In the dressing room

By Le Brun – Drapery

By Avercamp, Hendrick – Figures in citizen’s dress

By Hokusai – Seated nobleman in full costume

By myself – Bikini blond woman stretched on a towel


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By Turner, J. M. W. – Colorful structure

By Miró – Woman and family

By Rodchenko – Composition with number six

By Kandinsky – Abstract drawing

By Hartung – Design

By Malevich – ‘Victory on Sun’ scene’s sketch

By Moore – Drawing for a stone sculpture

By Pollock, Jackson – Unknown title

By Delaunay, Sonia – Composition

By Klee – A garden for Orpheus

By Motherwell – Untitled

By González, Juli – Study for ‘Woman with mirror’

By Kandinsky – Red and blue

By Mondrian – Composition

By Brancusi – Desen

By Popova, Liubov – Centrifuged

By Picasso – Abstract sketch

By Lichtenstein – Unknown title

By Stella – Study for Gavotte

By Kandinsky – Unknown title

By Rodchenko – Abstract drawing

By Gorky, Arshile – Untitled

By Hartung – Composition

By Moore – Ideas for a green stone composition in Hornton

By Calder – Untitled

By Beuys – Sun and pylon

By Malevich – ‘Victory on Sun’ scene’s sketch

By Pollock, Jackson – Design

By Kandinsky – Abstract drawing

By Balla, Giacomo – Study of materiality of lights and speed

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By Velázquez – Portrait of a girl

By Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille (Attributed) – Two studies of young boys

By Carracci – The head of a lad seen in profile

By Greuze – Portrait study of a child

By Van Gogh – Baby in a carriage

By Da Vinci – A bust of a child from the front and back

By Anonymous – Child’s head

By Puvis de Chavannes – Naked girl kneeling in a landscape, picking flowers

By Picasso – The toilette of the child

By Lowry – Little girl

By Da Caravaggio, Polidoro – Study of a sleeping child and hands

By Parmigianino – Face of a lad

By Klimt – Study for the three ages

By Bantzer, Carl – Two children

By Mantegna – Naked children playing with masks

By Del Sarto – Portrait of a child seen in profile

By Luks – Seated boy

By Rego, Paula – Flying children

By Watteau – Two studies of the head and shoulders of a little girl

By Guercino – Caricature of a lad with hat

By Dürer – Portrait of a girl

By Pontormo – Child seated on a wall

By Holbein, the Younger – Study for a group portrait of an english family

By Valadon, Suzanne – Maurice Utrillo as a boy, drying up the back

By Anonymous – Child naked lying on the ground

By Carracci – An naked and reclining boy

By Da Vinci – Child’s head three quarters to right

By Puvis de Chavannes – Naked child asleep

By Greuze – A woman with two children sitting in front of her

By myself – Standing child with beach towel and sun hat from the rear

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Buildings, streets and cities

By Van Gogh – Roofs and plants. Saintes-Marie of the Sea in the Camargue. France

By Zorn, Anders – A castle (Unknown title)

By Popova, L. Sergeyevna – Square in Verona. Sketch for Romeo and Juliet by W.Shakespeare

By Klee – Arab town

By Monet – Houses near the sea

By Premazzi, Luigi – Perspective view of Nevsky Prospekt from the Anichkov Bridge in St Petersburg

By Constable – The demolition or repair of old houses in Salisbury

By Dufy – Public garden at Hyeres

By Carpaccio – View of a town

By Picasso – The Mill at Horta de Sant Joan in Tarragona

By Marquet – Outskirts of Paris

By Schlemmer – The perron

By Dürer – St. Mary’s Church at Rye, England

By Feininger – Houses near the Baltic

By Gutiérrez Solana – Sketch of Chinchón town. Spain

By Rivera – House on a plot of land

By Lowry – Study for `Dwellings, Ordsall Lane in Salford’

By Prendergast, Maurice – The column of the wolf in Sienna

By Rembrandt – View of London with the old St. Paul’s Cathedral, seen from the north

By Van Gogh – Woman looking a garden wall ornament

By Piranesi – Architecture in circle with columns

By Sargent, John Singer – Cathedral of St Mary in Tarragona

By Bellini, Jacopo – View of a fortification of Jerusalem

By Dalí – Depiction of a square with a four globes’ lantern in its center

By Cellier – The Hôtel de Ville in Paris

By Alexeyev – Inner of the Cathedral of Resurrection of Christ in New Jerusalem

By Premazzi, Luigi – Wooden house with kennel and a lilac shrub

By Saenredam – Inner in the cathedral of St Bavon

By Klee – The big dome

By Fragonard – The Bastille’s Courtyard

By Vernier, Emile L. – A house with window frames carved in Roscoff

By Dürer – St John’s church

By Friedrich – Bridge near Dresden

By Kokosckka, Oskar – Buildings

By Ruskin – Stones of Venice

By Monet – Exterior of the Gare Saint-Lazare

By Turner, J.M.W. – Palazzo Vecchio from the Boboli Gardens, Florence (after Cozens)

By Feininger – Group of houses in a dead end

By Lorrain – Aurelian wall with two towers

By Canaletto – Roofs and chimneys in Venice

By Sell Cotman – Romanesque doorway of a refectory

By Van Gogh – Sketch of a village street

By Heemskerck – St Peter’s and the Vatican Palace

By Klee – Aquatic city

By Premazzi, Luigi – The Moika River in Saint Petersburg in Russia

By Constable – Cottage in East Bergholt

By Girtin – Chichester Cathedral seen from the south west

By Léger – City street signs

By Bonnard – Houses in a courtyard of Paris

By myself – Right side’s entrance to Palau Reial (Royal Palace) in Barcelona

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By Carracci – Depiction of a carrier woman showing her breast

By Bloemaert – Study of a nude man

By Manet – Study for Olympia

By Michelangelo – Study to ‘The Cappella Paolina’

By Renoir – Girl with her arm into the waist

By Raphael – A back view of Michelangelo’s David

By Goya – Woman pulling her stocking

By Guercino – Naked young laying

By Rubens – Venus nursing Cupids

By Le Brun – Satyr sit

By Lichtenstein – Depiction of a girl telephoning with her bared breast with an sculpture in the background

By Seurat – Copy of Milo of Croton

By Degas – Study of a nude woman

By Perugino – Male nude

By Picabia – Woman wrapped in a cloth with a feminine act

By Carracci – Naked man sitting with some fruits between his legs

By Rodin – Nude woman seen from the rear showing her thighs

By Del Sarto – Study of a nude

By Chagall – The raised blouse

By De Boullogne, Louis – Male nude

By Klimt – Kneeling woman showing genitals

By Fantin Latour – Naked man standing back

By Grosz – After

By Carracci – Depiction of a twisted torso of a naked man

By Balthus – Girl lifting her dress

By Cesari – Study of a standing male nude

By Rodin – Lying woman lifting her red dress

By Carracci – Depiction of a young man raising his clothes

By Degas – Rest on the bed

By Munch – Standing nude with stick

By Balthus – Study to The Guitar Lesson

By Pontormo – Male nude for ‘The Deposition’. Altarpiece

By Pascin, Jules – Woman in a chair with stockings and slippers

By Klimt – Woman with raised dress showing her genitals

By Carracci – Young man standing with arms crossed

By Masson – The origin of the world

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