By Carracci – Depiction of a carrier woman showing her breast

By Bloemaert – Study of a nude man

By Manet – Study for Olympia

By Michelangelo – Study to ‘The Cappella Paolina’

By Renoir – Girl with her arm into the waist

By Raphael – A back view of Michelangelo’s David

By Goya – Woman pulling her stocking

By Guercino – Naked young laying

By Rubens – Venus nursing Cupids

By Le Brun – Satyr sit

By Lichtenstein – Depiction of a girl telephoning with her bared breast with an sculpture in the background

By Seurat – Copy of Milo of Croton

By Degas – Study of a nude woman

By Perugino – Male nude

By Picabia – Woman wrapped in a cloth with a feminine act

By Carracci – Naked man sitting with some fruits between his legs

By Rodin – Nude woman seen from the rear showing her thighs

By Del Sarto – Study of a nude

By Chagall – The raised blouse

By De Boullogne, Louis – Male nude

By Klimt – Kneeling woman showing genitals

By Fantin Latour – Naked man standing back

By Grosz – After

By Carracci – Depiction of a twisted torso of a naked man

By Balthus – Girl lifting her dress

By Cesari – Study of a standing male nude

By Rodin – Lying woman lifting her red dress

By Carracci – Depiction of a young man raising his clothes

By Degas – Rest on the bed

By Munch – Standing nude with stick

By Balthus – Study to The Guitar Lesson

By Pontormo – Male nude for ‘The Deposition’. Altarpiece

By Pascin, Jules – Woman in a chair with stockings and slippers

By Klimt – Woman with raised dress showing her genitals

By Carracci – Young man standing with arms crossed

By Masson – The origin of the world

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