Costume, fashion and drapery

By Longhi – Two ladies wearing panniers in conversation

By David – The Empress Josephine kneeling with Mme de la Rochefoucauld and Mme de la Valette

By Toulouse Lautrec – Women walk

By Chardin – Study for a man seen from the rear

By Corot, J.B.C. -Portrait of a young woman wearing a large hat

By Warhol – Shoes

By Watteau – Two studies of a woman seated on the ground

By Kokoschka – Girl with a yellow headband

By Pisanello – Young man with his hands tied behind his back

By Cox, David – Woman wearing a red skirt and holding an umbrella

By Van Gogh – Lady with checked dress and hat

By Popova – Woman costume design for Romeo and Juliet by W.Shakespeare

By Pissarro – Young man sitting lacing his shoes

By Leighton, Frederick – Head of medieval man wearing a hood

By Klimt – Study for the portrait of Mada Primavesi

By Malevich – ‘The New’ (From ‘Victory on Sun’)

By Marquet – A woman seen from the rear

By Di Biagio Catena – Drapery on a half length figure with raised right arm

By Fantin Latour – Study of a ‘redingote’ for the portrait of Champfleury

By Rego, Paula – Unknown title

By Ingres – Study to the ‘Portrait of the Countess of Haussonville’

By Tiepolo – Man wearing a cloak

By Gainsborough – Study of a lady with hat

By Anonymous of french school. 16th century – A masked figure in venetian costume

By Watteau – Study probably for ‘The Indifferent’ in the Louvre

By Renoir – Portrait of unknown lady with hat

By Carracci – Study of the wrap of a bearded old man

By Greuze – Study for ‘The Marriage Contract’

By Rodchenko – Woman in kimono

By Pannini – Boy upholding his hat to save from the sun

By Da Vinci – Study of the lower side of a dress

By the school of Jacques Louis David – Young man standing

By Von Menzel – Study of a woman with a fan

By Watteau – Sketch with two figures

By Pillement- Costume study

By Puvis de Chavannes – Draped woman, seen from behind, three-quarters to right, right hand raised

By Friedrich – Woman with wrap

By Titian – A group of apostles. (Sketch for the Assunta in the church of ‘Frari’)

By Ghirlandaio – Study of two women

By Grosz – Woman In the dressing room

By Le Brun – Drapery

By Avercamp, Hendrick – Figures in citizen’s dress

By Hokusai – Seated nobleman in full costume

By myself – Bikini blond woman stretched on a towel



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  1. Breathtaking! Watteau in particular. Great weblog.

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