By Watteau – Reclining bacchante holding a glass

By Léger – Divers

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Woman smoking

By Balla – Study for ‘Girl running on a balcony’

By Daumier – Three boxers. One of these standing while the others are fighting in background

By Picasso – Bathers with ball.

By Duchamp, Marcel – Sundays

By Goya – The Swing

By Balthus – Asleep girl with arms crossed

By Munch – Christiania bohemians

By Bruegel the Elder – The hare hunt

By Nolde – ‘Tingel, tangel’

By Cézanne – Group on a scull

By Ali She Nawat – The prince Bahram-i-Gor dressed in blue listen to the tale of the Princess of the Blue Pavilion

By Fragonard – Man sitting in armchair

By Lichtenstein – Aircraft pilot talking

By Dufy – Dinner gala

By Friedrich – Study of a seated woman and a scythe

By Moore – Reclining figure

By Ingres – Study for ‘The turkish bath’

By Fantin Latour – Men seated in a tavern

By Rembrandt – Sleeping girl

By Seurat – Study of a boy for ‘A Swim’

By Tiepolo – Cortege of a wedding with punches

By Duchamp, Marcel – Study for the chess match

By Eisen – Geisha and the autumn moon at Shinfuji

By Millet – Two sleeping figures

By Kandinsky – Figures and child in a landscape

By Bacon – Figure in a landscape

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Three acrobats at the circus

By anonymous venetian master – Seated boy; boy holding sling, and standing the third

By Bonnard – Sketch for ‘The bowl of milk’

By Piranesi – Studies of four figures

By Balthus – Unknown title

By Renoir – Sitting woman on a chair

By Solana, J. G. – Drinking masks

By Matisse – Woman in armchair

By Courbet – Sitting man

By Goya – Crowd in a park

By Sickert – Study for ‘The Ice Wardrobe’

By Meissonier, Ernest – Young smoker by the window

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Sleeping woman

By Daumier – The art collector

By myself – Girl playing with sand on the beach


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  1. i find good the last one, is it by yourself? interesting and full of beauty


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