Tourist and transport

By Stella, Joseph – The Vesuvius

By Hockney – Nick and Henry are traveling

By Cox, David – The seafront at Blackpool

By Lowry – A Lancashire’s lane

By T.F. Simon – Venice

By Kokoschka – Houses of Parliament

By Derain – The Old Bridge at Cagnes, France

By Le Corbusier – The Parthenon and the Propylaea in Athens

By Marquet – Oasis

By Giacometti – Hotel room

By Lear, Edward – The memorial temple of Pharaoh Ramesses in Thebes

By Settegast – Amalfi’s open-air market

By Corot – The Naples gulf with the Mount Vesuvius in background

By Chagall – Jerusalem

By Vernier, Emile L. – Buildings in Almeria, Spain

By Breenbergh – Ruins of the city walls, near Porta St Paolo in Rome

By Robert – The Arch of Gallienus, Porta Esquilina. Rome

By Ingres – View of Tivoli in Rome

By Turner – Rome from the Vatican

By Dinet, Etienne – Terrace at Laghouat

By T.F. Simon – Honolulu

By G. T. Vigne – En Route, Trebizond to Persia

By Le Corbusier – ‘Super Constellation’. Scheme plane

By La Neziere, J. David de – The ‘Dog-Man Gate’ in Beijing, China

By Bejot, Eugene – View from the banks of the Seine near the Louvre and the Pont-Royal

By Canaletto – The Grand Canal seen from Rialto toward the north

By Signac – The green sailboat in the port of St. Tropez

By Fricero – View towards the Bay of Angels from the island of St. Helene


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