War, battles, political, fights and violence

By Kollwitz, Käthe – Never again war!

By Grosz – Brawl and dispute at gaming-table

By Poussin – Massacre of innocents

By Picasso – Sketch to Gernika

By Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin – Drawing for the painting ‘Death of commissioner’

By Perugino, Pietro – A man in armour

By Goya. The Prisoners in chains

By Toshikata – Tanaka Ishimatsu in moonlight

By Da Vinci – Head of a warrior

By Nash, Paul – Bomber in the corn

By Savery – Three polish soldiers

By Basawan – Akbar controls Rewarded Hawa

By Munz, Wilhelm – After December, 12th, 1944 at Ulm

By Altobello, Melone – Asleep soldier

By Raphael – Four soldiers

By Seurat – Seated soldier and others studies

By Masson – Slaughter

By Pontormo – Study for ‘The Deluge’

By Popova – Project of theatrical military parade for the Congress of Third International. 1921

By Dix, Otto – Evening at Wijtchaete

By Poussin – Combat of naked soldiers with helmets

By Lichtenstein – Depiction of explosions

By Da Vinci – Tank

By David – Roman’s cuirass

By Altdorfer – Mercenary foot soldier

By Nguyen Thu – Soldiers talking to a group of artists and writers

By Tintoretto – Study for a figure in the battle of Legnano

By Moore – Shelterers in the tube

By Picasso – Boers cartoons and other sketches

By Wagner, Eduard – Military weapons

By Delacroix – Study for ‘The war coffer’

By Goya – Preparatory drawing for plate. Unknown title

By Genelli – The panther’s hunting

By Watteau – Soldiers with tambours

By Urgell, Modest – Smoky building during the ‘Semana tràgica’ (‘Tragic week’)

By Jaquemart de Jesdin (14th century) – Depiction of a horseback knights duel

By Le Brun – Battle of Arbela

By Géricault – Sketch for ‘The Raft of Medusa’

By Dürer – Landsknecht seen from back

By Picasso – Bullfighting scene


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