Angels, putti and cherubs

By Carracci – A winged putto holding a garland

By Guercino – Two angels

By Bernini – Study of a kneeling angel

By Raphael – An angel and a guard for ‘The Resurrection’

By Zuccaro (after Titian) – Two infant angels on clouds bearing a cross

By Tintoretto – Angel flying

By Pontormo – Sketch of angel to ‘The holy family with saints’

By Warhol – Angel

By Parmigianino – Three studies of putti

By Anonymous of 19th century – Wing

By Schongauer – Angel of the Annunciation

By Reni – Angel flying

By Bloemaert – The head of a putto looking down his head on his hands

By Dürer – Head of an angel

By Errard, Charles – Seated angel

By unknown author of 17th century – Walking angel

By Le Sueur – Study of a flying angel

By Degas (after Luca Signorelli) – Flying angel

By Carracci – Study of an angel

By Raphael – Flying cupid

By Guercino – Two cherubs holding a tapestry with a design of musician playing the lute

By Rembrandt – Angel appearing to Hagar

By Prud’hon, Pierre-Paul – Study for ‘The Dream of Happiness’ (Love taking oars)

By Verrocchio – Head of an angel

By Grunewald – Kneeling king with two angels

By Parmigianino – Nude figure among foliage holding a globe and two putti

By Lanfranco – Angel seated in attitude of adoration

By myself – Sculpture of an angel in a cemetery

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