Boats, ships, sea, beach, shore and rivers

By Feininger – In the Baltic sea

By Boudin – Scene from Trouville

By Signac – ‘Le Trieux’ (Bretagne, France)

By Magritte R. – The lame ‘Fish-man’

By Roullet, Gaston – A gondola in Venice

By Monet – View of Rouen

By Turner – Burning ship

By Dufy – Shore

By Stanley, O. – The ‘Beagle’ of Darwin at Sidney

By Corot – Lad looking at the sea

By Friedrich – Beach and cliffs in the Rügen isle in the Baltic Sea

By Whistler – Hastings

By Matisse – Fishing boats

By Girtin – The hull of a ship with a barge and smaller boats

By Algardi – Ornament’s project for a prow galley

By Cross, Henry Edmond – Marine in St. Clair

By Lowry – The Tyne ferry

By Renoir – View of the sea with houses and church

By Canaletto – View of the Canal of Murano with the church of ‘San Pietro Martire’

By Lorrain – Tree and rocks near a stream

By Vernier, Emile L. – Boat aground

By Feininger – Golden Sunrise

By Cotman – On the Thames

By Boudin – Figures on the beach

By Corinth, Lovis – Island Paradise. A man with a cigar on the beach

By Zorn – In the harbour of Algiers

By Friedrich – From a sailing ship

By Manet – Boulogne-sur-Mer. France

By Signac – Suspension bridge in ‘Les Andelys’ in France

By Boudin – Sailing boats near the coast

By Dufy – Regattas at Deauville

By Jan Luyken – Unknown title

By Altdorfer – A shipping ‘Cog’

By Van de Velde – Marine

By Monet – Sketch of two women in a rowboat on the Epte

By Dubois, Guillam – River landscape

By Van Goyen – On the bank

By Dix, Otto – Departure of Hamburg

By Cox, David – The jetty. Calais

By myself – Man sitting next to an umbrella on the beach

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