Death and illness

By Urgell, Modest – The funeral

By Della Bella – The death’s triumph

By Munch – The mother dead in bed

By Cozens, Alexander – The top of a hill with a cross among a plant

By David – Marie Antoinette on the way to the guillotine

By Lomazzo – The hangman

By Greuze – Girl looking at a dead pigeon

By Duverger, Théophile E. – Woman kneeling in prayer in cemetery

By Picasso – Mother with dead son. Sketch for ‘Gernika’

By Beham, Barthel – Study of three skulls

By Arcimboldo (Attributed) – The Death that enter in a house

By David-Nillet, Germain – Visiting the sick

By Zoppo, Marco (Attributed) – Ancient tombs

By Barlach, Ernst – From a modern dance of death

By Lorrain – Ruin landscape with the funeral of the holy Serapia through the holy Sabina on the Aventin

By Beardsley – Ominous scene

By Rodin – Studies after Andrea Riccio’s bronze relief ‘The illness of Girolamo della Torre’

By Bellini, Jacopo – Tomb of a prince

By Botticelli – Hell

By Pinelli – Dance of death

By Giacometti – Tomb of the Medici in San Lorenzo, Florence

By Niklaus Manuel – Allegory of Death

By Blake – The House of Death

By Michelangelo – Designs for tombs

By Bramer, Leonaert – Francisco de Quevedo and the skeletons of Juan del Encina and King Perico

By Da Vinci – Skull

By Baldung, Hans – The death

By Testa – The death of Sinorige (from The Book of the Courtier. Italy 16th century)

By Fantin Latour – Man in bed

By myself – Buildings of a cemetery

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