Music players

By Cranach, Hans – Man playing lute and manuscripts

By Rubens – Angel blowing a trumpet

By Carracci – Composition in low angle of a violinist

By Picasso – Seated woman playing music beside a man and other seated figure in background

By Malevich – Depiction of a naked violinist and trees to a portrait of Roslaviv

By Lancret – Seated man playing the flute

By Klee – Pianist in trouble. Caricature of modern music

By Rembrandt – The street musician

By Baudry, Paul – Depiction of a naked flying violinist

By Longhi, Pietro – Lute player

By Pintoricchio (Attributed) – Seated young flutist

By Dufy – Musicians, one playing piano

By Lorrain, Claude – Satyr, girl playing the pan pipe, and goats

By Parrocel – Drummer on horseback in front of other riders

By Renoir – Miss Lerolle at the piano

By Cocteau – Mandolinist smoking

By Perugino – A violinist

By Guercino – Teachers of music

By Dürer – Winged man in idealistic clothing playing a lute

By Piot, Rene – Three half-naked women seated, both play a musical instrument

By Dali – Composition with musicians

By Bashkirtseff, Maria Konstantinovna – Flutist

By Baldung, Hans – Cherubs making music

By Romanino, Girolamo – A country concert

By Barlach – Sketch for ‘The Pied Piper’

By Da Trento, Antonio (after Parmigianino) – The lute player

By Verkolje – Woman and man playing music in a garden among dogs

By Delacroix (after Veronese) – Angel with lute and other studies

By Bramer – Musicians in an interior with pets

By Watteau – Two flutists and head of a boy

By Fantin Latour – An oriental woman surrounded by a musician and a servant

By Carracci – Man holding a lyre among crowd in a harbour

By Murer, Josias – Orpheus charming the animals

By Morazzone – Angels playing music

By Van Gogh – Mademoiselle Gachet at the piano

By Naldini – Three nude young men, one seated playing a flute

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