Dogs, cats and pets

By Barocci, Federico – Loin a puppy dog

By Delacroix – Study of cats

By Baron, Bernard (After Titian) – Head of a dog

By Frank, Franz – Cat

By Van Vliet – Unknown title

By Toulouse-Lautrec – Miss Margouin

By Baldung, Hans – Naked man with a falcon

By Picasso – Seated woman and monkey

By Holbein, Hans the Younger – Edward Prince of Wales with monkey

By Rego, Paula – Two girls and a dog

By Toyohiro – Two women and a dog

By Larionov – Lying woman and her pet

By Goya – Man holding a snake

By Hockney – ‘Stanley’ life size by his master

By Léger – Man with Dog

By Haring – Barking dog

By Boucher – Study of two male figures and a dog

By Dürer – A greyhound

By Anonymous of 17th-century – Girl with small dog in her lap

By a french master of 15th century – Three ladies

By Steinlen – Black cat sitting licking the paw

By Da Udine – Studies of parrots and mantis

By Da Vinci – Dog’s paw

By Bonnard – The cat

By Murillo – Boy with dog

By Matisse – Girl with a cat

By Balthus – Girl caressing a cat

By Kokoschka – Depiction of a hunter with his dog and shotgun

By Thomas, Matilda – Dog fighting

By Teniers, David – Cat Concerto

By Rego, Paula – Depiction of a girl with a billy-goat

By Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri – Bird

By Beuys – ‘The woman with the dog’

By myself – Boxer thinking

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