Hands, arms, legs and feet

By Zorn, Anders – Hand

By Barocci – Biceps of an arm

By Carracci – Study of legs

By Da Sesto, Cesare – Studies of feet

By Van Gogh – Study of hands for ‘The eaters of potatoes’

By Barocci – Leg, foot and studies of drapery

By Bloemaert, Abraham – Studies of arms and legs

By Van Ceulen, Cornelis J. – Study of a woman’s hands

By Michelangelo – Studies for putto of the Libyan Sibyl, hand of the Libyan Sibyl, six slaves and architectural detail for the tomb of Julius II

By Bordone, Paris (attributed) – A left foot

By Passerotti – Study of hands

By Niessen, John – Three feet from a plaster model

By Da Vinci – Studies of legs and skeletons

By Grünewald – Study of arms

By Raphael – Study for ‘Diogenes at the Athens School’

By Rubens – Anatomical studies of leg

By Longhi – Unknown title

By Petrov-Vodkin, Kuzma S.- Hand

By Raphael – Study of the leg of an standing man and the drapery of a kneeling figure

By Dix, Otto – Study of hands of different ages

By Anonymous – Left foot of a figure lying on her back

By Barocci – Praying hands and a hand holding a wand

By Michelangelo – Anatomical study of legs

By Watteau – Hands and feet

By Kollwitz, Käthe – Studies of hands

By Anonymous – Left leg of a naked man

By Dürer – Hands and sleeve

By Barocci – Studies of arm and hand holding a staff

By Courbet, Gustave – Study of a hand and thistle plants

By Da Vinci – Studies of the arm showing the movements made by biceps

By Holbein the Younger – Study of hands

By Anonymous – Six feet

By David, Gerard – Studies of hands

By Bassano Jacopo – Study of praying hands

By Léger – The hands

By Barocci – Studies of the back of a left leg

By Buffet – Sketch of a hand for ‘The Songs of Maldoror’

By Lichtenstein – Measurement of a foot

By Le Corbusier – The open hand

By myself – Study from a foot modeled in plaster

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