Letters, diaries and manuscripts

By Chagall, Marc – Unknown title (1969)

By Van Gogh – Sketch of the Drenthe in a letter (October 1883)

By Manet – Sketch of flowers in the left margin of a letter

By Dürer, Albrecht – Dream vision landscape with handwriting text

By Urgell, Modest – Letter beautified with sketches

By Giacometti, Alberto – Handwritten text over sketches of figures

By Hopper, Edward – Unknown title

By anonymous iraqi author in a miniature of 14th century – The Archangel Israfil sounds the Last Judgment

By Hokusai, Katsushika – Self-portrait at the age of eighty three

By Kahlo, Frida – Diary pages

By Rossi, Aldo – Drawings of espresso coffee machines

By Delacroix, Eugène – Sketchpad from Maroc

By Van Gogh – View from the Vincent’s windows

By Matisse, Henri – Christmas card with flowers header

By Villard de Honnecourt (13th century) – Unknown title

By Corinth, Lovis – Decorative sketches on their initials

By Manet – Venetian lanterns’ sketch, heading a letter

By Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri – Sketch of a woman with kitchen notes

By anonymous of 11th century – Flowery letter

By Cocteau, Jean – A figure in profile in the background of a text

By David, Jacques-Louis – Unknown title

By Chagall, Marc – Unknown title (1968)

By Urgell, Modest (Pen name as ‘Katuful’) – ‘The little gipsy’ (‘La gitaneta’) Drawing to beautify a letter

By Steinlen, Théophile – Sketch of a flower with handwriting at the bottom

By Van Gogh – Plowing and sowing. Sketch in a letter (September 1881)

By Manet – Letter with two sketches of a woman’s head

By Matta, Roberto – Unknown title

By Magritte, René - Sketch with words by his wife Georgette

By Magritte, René – Sketch with words by his wife Georgette

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