Horses, riders, carts and donkeys

By Seurat – Horse grazing

By Castiglione – Riders resting under a tree

By Marini – Il cavaliere (The rider)

By Picasso – Transport and horses

By Anonymous in a egyptian miniature of the 15th century – Anatomy of a horse

By Le Corbusier – Sketch of an ass

By Cox, David – Head and shoulders of a horse

By Redon – Male figure looking to the sky beside a horse

By Daubigny – Riverside landscape with rider

By Della Bella, Stefano – Horse

By David – Head of a horse

By Lorrain, Claude – Drawing of mules, including one full length

By Parrocel – Cavaliers in profile

By Carracci – Figures with horses

By Van Gogh – Carriage with white donkey

By Botero – Woman and horse

By Vernier, Emile L.- Horse in profile to right eating

By Da Vinci – Drawing of an equestrian monument

By Kustodiev, Boris – Christmas scene in the street

By Botticelli – Horses and Spectators. Fragment of an Adoration of the Kings

By Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin – Riding boy, for the ‘Bathing of the Red Horse’

By Valtat, Louis – Horse with winkers

By Bellini, Jacopo – Ross and rider

By Gainsborough – A cottage, cart and horsemen in the countryside

By Kokoschka – Woman with hat on horseback

By Pontormo – Study of horsemen and a part of the same horse

By Mourlot – A horse

By Anonymous of 17th century – Studies of horses in a landscape

By Pisanello – Head of a horse in profile

By Dufy – People and horses

By Baldung, Hans – Four fighting stallions

By Anonymous of russian school of 19th century

By Palma the Younger – Two rearing horses

By Degas – Four jockeys on horseback

By Dürer – Knight escorted by his dog

By Anonymous – A horse’s head

By Géricault – An artilleryman leading his horses

By Carpeaux – Study of a rider seen from rear

By Constable – View of a rider on a path of East Bergholt

By Da Vinci – Project drawing for an equestrian statue with rearing horse

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