By Picasso – Circus artist nursing her child

By Kollwitz, Kathe – Head of a child in the hands of the mother

By Cassatt, Mary – Mother and child

By Daumier – Woman with child walking

By Della Bella – Resting mother and child and two men, one lifting basket

By Seurat – Nurse with a child’s carriage

By Dix – The pregnant half naked

By T.F. Šimon – Unknown title

By Valadon, Suzanne – Woman drying the feet of an standing lad

By Zorn, Anders – The bath of a woman with child

By Haring – Fertility suite. (Pregnant women dancing)

By Chagall – A woman holding a child and other figures walking

By Puvis de Chavannes – Woman and child squatting

By Friedrich, Caspar David – Woman and daughter

By Rembrandt – Woman and child

By Schiele – Mother and child

By Besnard – Woman and child among easel and portfolio

By Van Gogh – Sketch of a woman with a baby in her lap

By Millet – Woman with child walking

By Greuze – Woman with a child on her knees

By Barlach, Ernst – Mother with baby and boy

By Picasso – Mother and child caressing her face

By Fantin Latour – Two women standing, holding hands a child

By Moore – Mother and child seen from behind

By Zuccaro – A mother and a child

By Cassatt, Mary – Maternity

By Anonymous – Woman holding a child

By Dürer – Unknown title

By West, Benjamin – Maternity

By Bega, Cornelius – Unknown title

By myself – Mother and child with hat and towel in the beach

By myself – A woman beside a stroller

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