Religious mixed

By Dix, Otto – Communion

By Bassano, Jacopo – An apostle

By Bruegel, Pieter – Religious practices within a temple

By unknown authorship. Arab miniature from the Maqamat of Hariri Baghdad (13th century) – Festive procession marking the end of Ramadan

By Malevich, Kasimir – Peasant women in a church

By Jordaens – An allegory of christian faith. ‘Veritas Dei’

By Goya – Procession of monks

By Bihzad – An archangel, a symbol of the divine active intelligence

By Guercino – Religious kneeling with rosary

By Michelangelo – Sketch for the Last Judgement

By Goncharova, Natalia Sergeevna – Religious figure

By unknown authorship – Three figures around the Torah

By Sargent, John Singer – Shrines in the forest

By unknown authorship in a turkish miniature – Muhammad preaching to his followers

By Grünewald, Matthias – Woman praying

By Puvis de Chavannes – Procession of five saints going to the left

By Guercino – A woman acclaiming with raised arms

By Rubens – Ecclesiastical authority with miter

From Abbess Herrad of Landsberg’s Compilation – The abbess and her sisters (Garden of Delights – ‘Hortus Deliciarum’). Detail

By Giacometti – Bald and bearded prophet

By Delvaux, Paul – Priest

By Carpeaux, Jean Baptiste – Ceremony inside a temple

By Matisse – Hand and cross in the chest of a religious

By ‘El Greco’ – Standing figure praying

By unknown authorship. Flemish school – Pentecost

By Warhol – Nun

By Franco, Giovanni Battista – God the father

By Raphael – A kneeling youth

By Lichtenstein – Study for chapel of the Eucharist, Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church

By Carracci – Monk

By Bellini, Jacopo – The descent into Limbo

By Maratta – A kneeling saint with studies of hands, a foot, and a head

By Boitard, François – God the father supported by angels

By Bartolomeo, Fra – Study for an apostle for the Last Judgement

By Mantegna, Andrea – The descent into Limbo

By Carpaccio, Vittore – A praying man

By Poilleux Saint-Ange, George L. – Taking the veil in a convent

By Grünewald, Matthias – Young in an attitude of prayer

By Di Matteis, Paolo – The Last Judgement

By Tiepolo – Figures preaching and praying


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