Architecture, furniture and decoration

By Christo – Wrapped trees. Avenue of Champs-Élysées in Paris

By Ricci – Ornamental project for a big bed

By Guimard, Hector – Design to a chimney for Castel Beranger

By Carpeaux – Four Atlas for building facade

By Utzon – Sydney Opera House

By Carracci – Sketches of ornaments

By Gehry, Frank O. – Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

By Mendelsohn – Schocken Stuttgart Stores

By Le Corbusier – Illustration for ‘The Modulor’

By Lichtenstein – Inner

By Guardi – Figures in a vestibule

By Kupka – Unknown title

By Saarinen – First sketches for the new seat of the Parliament of Finland in Helsinki

By Wallot, Paul – Building of Reichstag in Berlin

By Sant’Elia, Antonio – Study for a power plant

By Della Bella, Stefano (attributed to) – Side view of a facade, fountain and people

By Cesariano, Cesare – Studies on the Milan Cathedral

By anonymous artist – The room of Henry Fuseli

By Mucha – Design for the ‘Pavillon de l’Homme’

By Beccafumi – Projection for painted facades

By Garnier – Slaughterhouse at La Mouche. Lyon (France)

By Carracci – Unknown title

By Wyngaerde – Arch of Berà and Scipio’s Tower

By Léger – Unknown title

By Wagner, Otto – The Postal Savings Bank in Vienna

By unknown author of Bernini, G. L. studio – Architectural project

By Piano, Renzo – Museum of Kibbutz. Israel

By Jacobus J. P. Oud & Van Doesburg, T. – Project for a workers’ housing complex in Spangen

By Soane, Sir John – Sketch of a design for the south side of the Lothbury Court, Bank of England

By Christo – The umbrellas

By Kikutake – Draft for a marine city

By Michelangelo – Study for the dome of St. Peter in Rome

By Le Corbusier – Studies for Notre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp

By Gaudí – Güell Palace

By Juvarra – Scenographic project for ‘Teodosio the Young’

By Mendelsohn – Einstein’s Tower in Postdam

By Borromini, Francesco – A draft to a project of the House of the Philippines in Rome

By Lloyd Wright, Frank – Guggenheim Museum

By Asplund, Erik Gunnar – Sketch for a building’s project

By Webb, Michael – Project for a ‘Center of Sin’

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