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Famous people sketched

By Okamoto Ippei – Portrait of Einstein

By Collier, E. Marion – Portrait of Charles Darwin

By Watts, George Frederic – Ellen Terry

By Delacroix – Sketch for Attila

By David – Napoleon in his study

By Holbein, the Younger – Portrait of Anne Boleyn

By Michelangelo – The syrian Queen Zenobia

Shahnameh persian miniature – Alexander the Great in front of talking tree

By Rembrandt – Homer dictating to a scribe

By Blake, William – Nebuchadnezzar

By Furtenagel – Sketch of the dead Martin Luther

Miniature from ‘The wonderful story of Muhammad’ Abu Talib father of Ali, the fourth caliph and first imam

By Cézanne – Portrait of Émile Zola

By Raphael – The School of Athens

By Da Vinci – Portrait of Lorenzo de Medici

By Pisanello – Sketches of the Emperor John VIII Palaeologus, a monk and a Scabbard

By Manet – Chrysippus of Soli, the greek stoic philosopher

By Picasso – Balzac

By David – Study for the Death of Socrate

By Vallotton – Portrait of Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin

By Ingres – The Duke of Alba receives the Pope’s Blessing in the Cathedral of St. Gudule, Brussels

By Baldung, Hans – Aristotle and Phyllis

By Holbein, the Younger – Sir Thomas More

By Luca, Giordano – St. Thomas Aquinas

By Dali – Portrait of Sigmund Freud

By Moreau, Gustave – sheet of studies on Joan of Arc and heads of women

By Klee – The Emperor William grumbles again

By Toulouse-Lautrec, H. – Sarah Bernhardt in the role of Phaedra at theatre

By Ingres – Statue of Marcellus battleship and head of Livia

By Maclise, Daniel – Michael Faraday


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The Madonna

By Mantegna – Madonna with Child

By Barocci – Fainted Virgin. Study for the Deposition

By Raphael – Madonna embracing her child

By Daumier – The Virgin showing her Child

By Grünewald, Matthias – Virgin of the Annunciation

By Le Brun, Ch. – Virgin and Child

By Colin – Madonna of Snows

By Michelangelo – ‘Pietà’

By Tiepolo – The Virgin with the Child adored by a figure in the right side

By Montagna, Bartolomeo – Study for a head of the Virgin

By Van Leyden, Lucas – The Madonna prepares the breastfeeding

By Dürer – Madonna between a multitude of animals

By Duchamp – ‘Madonna Number One’

By Raphael – Madonna’s study with the child in the glory

By Millet – Annunciation

By Tiepolo – Madonna with among angels and Child overcoming the death

By Guercino – The Virgin and the Child in profile

By Palma the Younger – Pietà with two angels helping the Virgin

By Correggio – Madonna’s sketches for the dome of Parma’s cathedral

By Lippi, Filippo, Fra – Sketch for a Madonna praying

By Raphael – Madonna studies

By Carracci – Virgin hovering the city

By Parmigianino – Several studies for Madonna and Child

By Baudry, Paul – Study for Madonna

By Veronese – Madonna with the Child and musicians angels

By Pisanello – Virgin and Child

By Parmigianino – Study for the ‘Madonna of the Long Neck’

By Murillo – The Immaculate Conception

By Da Vinci – Studies for ‘The Madonna of the cat’

By Michelangelo – Study for an Annunciation

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Plants, trees, botanical and still life

By Stella, Joseph – Red lily

By Zoppo, Marco – Young checking a fruit

By Dufy – Olive trees in ‘Côte d’Azur’

By Ramsay, Allan – Arm holding a flower

By Palmer – Cypress Avenue in Tivoli

By Matisse – Left hand holding a fruit

By Cézanne – Leaves and flowers

By Guercino – A young with flowers

By Balthus – Still life with two flowers and two fruit pieces

By Lorrain – Two trees on a hill

By Lichtenstein – Depicition of still life with cheese, pear and red background

By Botero, Fernando – Still life in front of a woman holding a fruit

By Ruskin, John – White knapweed

By Schmidt-Rottluff – Plants and landscape

By Goncharova, Natalia Sergeevna – Vessel with flower

By Mackintosh – Rhododendron

By Mondrian – Apple tree

By Cézanne – Still life with fruits

By Van Gogh – The garden of St Paul’s Hospital at St Rémy

By Matisse – Woman-flower in green

By Quost, Ernest – Study on rhododendron’s flowers

By Giacometti – Still life behind a chair

By Stella Joseph – Study of a flower

By Kirchner – Flowers

By Barocci – Tree

By Bloemaert – Marrow plant and cabbages

By Matisse – Still life with ten pieces of fruit

By Balthus – Study of a tree and plants

By Redon, Odilon – Studies of flowers, face and hand

By Constable – Trees

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Nocturne and fancying

By Rembrandt – Sleeping

By Rodin – Twilight, the night escapes

By Bruegel – Witches

By Rego, Paula – Unknown title

By Munch – Self-portrait at night

By Grosz, George – Twilight, crepuscule. (Ecce Homo)

By Adami, Valerio – Unknown title

By Monet – Clouds of sunset

By Seurat – Night stroll

By anonymous author in a persian miniature (15th century) – Muhammad’s night. Journey to heaven on his mount Buraq

By Moore – Sleepers in pink and green

By Dali – Study of air centers and soft morphologies of ‘Leda Atomica’

By unknown master of Flemish School – Moon in exaltation

By Pollock – Unknown title

By Bihzad – The night of Alexander and the hermit

By Daubigny – Night

By Bouguereau, William – Sketch for ‘Night’

By Millet – Dusk

By Redon – The eye

By Fantin Latour – The dawn and the night

By Picabia, Francis – The wing

By Gauguin – The Nightmare (Eve)

By Arp, Jean – Moondancer

By Beckmann, Max – Max Eight Town in 1920

By Fuseli – The nightmare leaves the warehouse by two sleeping women

By Pascin – The night closing

By Miró – Woman, bird and star

By Burchfield, Charles – Insects and moon

By Da Vinci – Studies of the illumination of the moon

By T. F. Simon – Sunset

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Buildings, streets and cities

By Feininger, Lyonel – Lüneburg, streetscape

By Van Gogh – The Iron Bridge

By Premazzi, Luigi – Cathedral and Catherine Canal in St Petersburg. Russia

By Weenix, Jan Baptist – Fountain in roman wall and the remains of a column

By Wyngaerde – View of Alcalá de Henares

By Jongkind – The ‘Maison de la Rue du Pont Neuf’ sign

By Klee – Street scene

By Tiepolo – Depiction of a penthouse with columns

By Cox, David – Near the ‘Pont d’Arcole’ Paris

By Malevich – Lady waiting on the tram stop

By Borch Ter, Gerard – View on Via Panisperna. Rome

By Gris – A street in Montmartre

By Olivier – Villa Borghese

By Feininger, Lyonel – Pedestrians on the street

By Schwitters, Kurt – Portals of houses

By Goncharova, Natalia S. – Snowy street

By Lorraine – Monastery and ruins at Monte Soratte. Italy

By Vernier, Emile L. – Lampposts and roofs of houses

By Constable – Tintern abbey

By Savery, Roelant – Ruined houses

By McCulloch, H. – Edinburgh Castle

By Cox, David – Caernarvon Castle

By Balthus – Depiction of garden and mansion

By Dürer – Two castles

By Urgell, Modest – Belfry

By Piranesi – To the series ‘Carceri a l’invenzione’

By Solana, J. G. – For two people of Castile. Spain

By Lowry – John Dalton’s birthplace. Eaglesfield

By Utrillo, Maurice – Mansion

By myself – View of a bridge in Amsterdam

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