The Madonna

By Mantegna – Madonna with Child

By Barocci – Fainted Virgin. Study for the Deposition

By Raphael – Madonna embracing her child

By Daumier – The Virgin showing her Child

By Grünewald, Matthias – Virgin of the Annunciation

By Le Brun, Ch. – Virgin and Child

By Colin – Madonna of Snows

By Michelangelo – ‘Pietà’

By Tiepolo – The Virgin with the Child adored by a figure in the right side

By Montagna, Bartolomeo – Study for a head of the Virgin

By Van Leyden, Lucas – The Madonna prepares the breastfeeding

By Dürer – Madonna between a multitude of animals

By Duchamp – ‘Madonna Number One’

By Raphael – Madonna’s study with the child in the glory

By Millet – Annunciation

By Tiepolo – Madonna with among angels and Child overcoming the death

By Guercino – The Virgin and the Child in profile

By Palma the Younger – Pietà with two angels helping the Virgin

By Correggio – Madonna’s sketches for the dome of Parma’s cathedral

By Lippi, Filippo, Fra – Sketch for a Madonna praying

By Raphael – Madonna studies

By Carracci – Virgin hovering the city

By Parmigianino – Several studies for Madonna and Child

By Baudry, Paul – Study for Madonna

By Veronese – Madonna with the Child and musicians angels

By Pisanello – Virgin and Child

By Parmigianino – Study for the ‘Madonna of the Long Neck’

By Murillo – The Immaculate Conception

By Da Vinci – Studies for ‘The Madonna of the cat’

By Michelangelo – Study for an Annunciation


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