Famous people sketched

By Okamoto Ippei – Portrait of Einstein

By Collier, E. Marion – Portrait of Charles Darwin

By Watts, George Frederic – Ellen Terry

By Delacroix – Sketch for Attila

By David – Napoleon in his study

By Holbein, the Younger – Portrait of Anne Boleyn

By Michelangelo – The syrian Queen Zenobia

Shahnameh persian miniature – Alexander the Great in front of talking tree

By Rembrandt – Homer dictating to a scribe

By Blake, William – Nebuchadnezzar

By Furtenagel – Sketch of the dead Martin Luther

Miniature from ‘The wonderful story of Muhammad’ Abu Talib father of Ali, the fourth caliph and first imam

By Cézanne – Portrait of Émile Zola

By Raphael – The School of Athens

By Da Vinci – Portrait of Lorenzo de Medici

By Pisanello – Sketches of the Emperor John VIII Palaeologus, a monk and a Scabbard

By Manet – Chrysippus of Soli, the greek stoic philosopher

By Picasso – Balzac

By David – Study for the Death of Socrate

By Vallotton – Portrait of Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin

By Ingres – The Duke of Alba receives the Pope’s Blessing in the Cathedral of St. Gudule, Brussels

By Baldung, Hans – Aristotle and Phyllis

By Holbein, the Younger – Sir Thomas More

By Luca, Giordano – St. Thomas Aquinas

By Dali – Portrait of Sigmund Freud

By Moreau, Gustave – sheet of studies on Joan of Arc and heads of women

By Klee – The Emperor William grumbles again

By Toulouse-Lautrec, H. – Sarah Bernhardt in the role of Phaedra at theatre

By Ingres – Statue of Marcellus battleship and head of Livia

By Maclise, Daniel – Michael Faraday

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